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Second Semester Nursing Student Educates Staff Nurses on How to Properly Do Their Job

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HARTFORD, CT – Second semester nursing student, Emily Rothenberg, thoroughly enjoys instructing her fellow staff nurses on how to properly do their jobs.

nursing student
“Who can I educate today?”

“Oh, one of my favorite parts of nursing school involves teaching nurses out in my clinical rotations,” said Rothenberg.  “They may not always show it, but deep down I know they are appreciative.”

Rothenberg has been known to use phrases such as “in my practice” and “it’s evidence-based practice” on multiple occasions.  Somehow she is already using the term, “where I trained” even though she is still in school.

Rothenberg boasts, “So far I have instructed 17 nurses on how to properly insert a Foley catheter.  I couldn’t believe all the steps they were missing until I came in to assist.”

Kerri Myers, a 14-year veteran nurse, was overwhelmed with joy to have Rothenberg point out her multiple errors committed throughout the day.

“It was nice having Emily show me what I was doing wrong,” stated Meyers.  “Once you are away from school for a while, it is important to have someone fresh and up-to-date on topics to teach you what to do.”

Myers continued, “I mean I thought my vast experience in handling over 150 delirium tremens patients in my career was worth something.  Emily reading a few chapters in school quickly trumped that.”

Rothenberg also couldn’t believe how much food and drink was routinely left sitting in the nurses station.  “I was shocked at how many nurses brought food to the station.  Don’t worry, I promptly instructed them of the Joint Commission rules to remove all food and drink.  They hadn’t even heard of the 3 nurses dying at Mercy Hospital!”

Another staff nurse, Peter Wilkins, was impressed with Rothenberg’s knowledge and attitude.  “She speaks evidence-based practice, and the way she instructs us on what we are doing wrong is very tactful.  I’m now excited to see her on the floor since I know I’ll learn another thing I’m doing wrong.”

Rothenberg’s final statements were, “I hope with my fresh education, I can continue to lead the way in correcting my fellow nurse colleagues, as what they have learned is antiquated.  They are SO lucky to have me here!”

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    Then she tried to pull that shit with a paramedic, and was promptly slapped in the back of the head and told to go fuck herself.

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    Barbara Lyna Phillips

    The nice thing is , she is young and will get over that!

  • Avatar

    Said no nurse ever…

  • Avatar
    Olivia N Brian Wilson

    Yes, I bet they were grateful. Lol. I hope she doesn’t leave her drink sitting out. Lmao.

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    Julia Wells

    No comment

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    James Miller

    Nicole Fish

  • Avatar
    Camden Belli

    And she’s REALLY pretty ;)

  • Avatar
    Heather Harris

    Tell me more about the drug interactions you googled last night.

  • Avatar
    Christy Stegemiller

    I know her

  • Avatar
    Lee Ann Leverett Fullilove

    I agree, does she live in Salem, Mass.?

  • Avatar
    Isabelle August

    It’s about time we showed some appreciation! I am just so upset that I no longer work in an environment with student nurses

  • Avatar
    Sara Knecht

    Oh nursing students. We are such gems.

  • Avatar
    Shelli Zink

    Haha, that was great. Probably a lesson we all need to learn.

  • Avatar
    Gina Sessions MacKay

    Shelli Zink, thought you might enjoy this.

  • Avatar
    Rissa Stackhouse

    LOL It is also true for Paramedic interns.

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    Angela Witham Collins

    That’s when you give these girls a job to do. Like your patient’s bath.

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    Micah Krushas Rufsvold

    Sara Knecht

  • Avatar
    Jenn Combs

    Holy crap

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    Amazing that medical students have very little to contribute whereas this fresh person has learned so much. She is truly a treasure.

  • Avatar
    Kelly Comley

    Oh dear :/

  • Avatar
    Natalie Pender

    LOL! !

  • Avatar
    Michelle Greenberg Anson


  • Avatar
    Clare Calogero

    Brycelynn , Kelly , Shareen , Janelle , Kirsty , Sammie

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    Virginia Dweck Van Nostrand

    So true.

  • Avatar
    Joanie Sapienza


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    RothLauren Ro Bowman

    Grumble grumble….these are the young cause the older nurses to eat them alive.

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    Lorri Barstow

    Oh my. How spot on!!

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    Valerie Anne


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    Victoria Morgan


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    Heather Bearden Reyes

    This is so true! And entertaining!

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