Local Hospital Has New Policy: Ask for Dilaudid, Get Dilaudid, No Questions Asked

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COLUMBUS, OH – A local hospital is trying a new, controversial but more efficient approach to medical care.  “We have changed our guidelines, if you want Dilaudid you get Dilaudid, if you want Valium, you get Valium.  No questions asked,” CEO Michael Shoemaker told reporters Wednesday.

19617485_mIn what experts are calling pure genius, emergency department utilization has never been better, costs have been severely cut down, and patient satisfaction scores are through the roof, a national high.

“I didn’t have to fake my seizure just to get that Xanax that I love so much!” read one comment card.  “The new policy saved me hours on the day, I didn’t have to describe my abdominal pain and go through hours of tests, scans, and experts coming in to see me.  I got my drug that starts with a ‘D’ [winks] and then I could go out and get things done,” said a smiling patient leaving the emergency department with pin-point pupils.

The hospital is now saving thousands of dollars on avoiding abdominal CT scans and MRIs. “Our radiology costs were out of control, as a 10-year supply of Percocet is still cheaper than an MRI.  Simple economics,” Hospital CFO Charlie Daniels stated.

ED physician Jennifer Hillgis is very happy with the new rules saying, “America has the highest opioid use in the whole world, it’s time to just accept it and move on.  Plus these drug seekers don’t take up any of my beds anymore.  They come in, get their drugs, and go home.  No more spitting at my staff or cussing me out because I’m denying them medication by looking out for their safety.”  Dr. Hillgis was surprised that some patient’s allergies have literally disappeared overnight.  “If we are out of Dilaudid then many people are ‘willing to try something else,’ even if they have a documented allergy for it!”

“If a patient asks for a medication, we now advice health care providers to not to ask why, or figure out the medical reason, we now suggest they ask what dose,” said administrator Shoemaker.  “We keep the lawyers away by having patients sign a couple documents saying they probably will die taking medication without medical advice.”

The new program removes any liability from health care providers as patients are required to sign a consent that they have been counseled of the risks.

“Everyone is happy.  I get the drug seekers out of my ED quickly and with what they want.  We can ethically wash our hands clean and move on to patients with real disease.”

The hospitals hired a manager from local fast-food chain Burger King whose motto is “Have it your way” to facilitate this new style of medicine.

“It really is easier,” Nurse Samantha told reporters.  “Now when a patient comes in they just tell me ‘I want some Lortab, please’ and I give them the dose and quantity they want.” She continued, “No need to lie or come up with excuses anymore.  I just show them the package insert that says they might overdose and die if they take too much, and after showing them the warnings, I give them what they want.  Done.”

Hospital personnel in Columbus are floored by the sudden memory gain of all their patients.  “Everyone now knows what medication starts with a D.”

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  • John Brown

    About time, this is a win when it comes to the ever futile war on drugs. ::●)

  • Suzi

    You have given the best, wisest response so far. Thank you.

  • Suzi

    You, sir, are wrong. Extreme pain is an emergency to the one suffering it. Maybe if doctors and pm specialists actually tried to help them stay out of pain without demeaning them, they wouldn’t end up in the er trying to get just enough to get through a might. Maybe they had to shovel the driveway today, vacuum the house, carry around a sick baby who couldn’t be consoled by anyone else, fix the car because you can’t afford a mechanic, drive alone to visit an injured or dying loved one, even though you can’t drive over 20 miles without being in pain for hours after. This is real life for us. Maybe we couldn’t get to the doctor before we ran out of meds. I am a child of the sixties, yet I have never tried as much as one drag of pot. You are far too judgmental, sir.

  • katrina13806

    Love the compassion, wilddick74…you picked the right field

  • katrina13806

    No Kidding! I desperately want the back surgery but every time I go for clearance something else pops up. I am having my THIRD surgery (on stuff that never hurt or bothered me) just to have a disc shaved. I get dirty looks from these self righteous jag offs while you are thinking…where’s the nearest bridge?

  • Josie Wiklund

    1st let me say I am a RN and yes I have chronic pain, years ago had a resident decide my head was his own personal punching bag. This gave me nerve damage on right side of my head. I get migrains constantly. I cant take codiene, dilaudid morphine, or any of the so called “good meds”. When do need a shot (which havent had for 2yrs thank God) then all I can get is Nubain which any medical professional should know does NOT give you any type of high. Yet I have had fellow medical personnel give me that “drug seeker” look even though I look like a racoon, red around eyes) side of my head just above my right ear is so swollen that it looks like someone implanted a golf ball under my skin and my bp is high as hell to point the slap a 12 lead on me. Even with all that had a dr refuse and called me a drug seeker to my face. But thankfully my dr is and has been my emergency contact and when the nurse called her she gave the order. I will ssay that dr never returned to that er again. And yes I have a migraine 24/7 but to me its what I would call 3 on pain scale. But as I have been told my 3 would be a 10 to others.But when I get a bad one iit hits suddenly and isnt a gradual build up. Knock on wood and thank God havent had ta instantaneous one in a few yrs so no er visits for now. Also I have to say am appalled and saddened by some of the comments from healthcare professionals. If you are that jaded and that disrespectful towards others even on here and even if the person is a “drug seeker” then perhaps its time to get a different job or even go into another proffession. Yes I understand the frustration but we should never speak like that to others . And as healthcare professionals you should know a drug seeker is an addict and that addiction is a disease they dont need your condemnation they need your help.

  • Anonymoose

    Amen sister, I wrote a post about being in pain too, and there are two trolls on here that are wannabe healthcare professionals, I’m betting they’re secretaries for a Doc or something, but their responses are basically what I have had to deal with for over a year now. Apparently there is no such thing as chronic pain in their eyes and they want to just talk shit about everyone, the cynical attitude of “healthcare” professionals, Docs and Pharmacists alike, is probably one of the main reasons heroin is such an epidemic…

  • Chrisitna

    I have adhesion’s from an appendectomy that nearly killed me and they had to remove part of my small bowel. About once or twice a year, I end up in the ER with a small bowel obstruction. My surgeon doesn’t want to operate out of fear of causing more adhesions. When this happens I am automatically NPO so I can’t take pain killers at home ( not without throwing them up ten seconds after I take them). I am very lucky my local ER knows me by name. I am always terrified of being on vacation and ended up in an ER with cynical doctors/nurses like you. Because yes, you can get my medical info sent to over to you, and I could wait until you receive it to get my meds, but, until you have had to deal with the kind of pain I am in, it’s hard to imagine that every second I wait feels like hours, and it is so intense I sweat and vomit to the point of passing out. My best friend is an ER doctor, so I understand it is frustrating to deal with soo many drug seekers, but please don’t let them make you jaded against people who really need the “D” drug, and at very first may present as unexplained abdominal pain.

  • sj64

    Thank you for such a well thought out and spoken reply. I too worked for many years at a substance abuse hospital and also with many people that had uncontrolled severe pain. When you lose the ability to be objective and have empathy it’s time to consider a desk job where you don’t have to deal with real people in real pain.

  • Michelle

    Wow. I have RA, I’m 39 years old and are prescribed 60 Lortab a month. Does that make me an addict? I do my 2 Enbrel injections every week, but the pain still comes. A couple of weeks ago, I had a really bad flare, and was in so much pain with my shoulder I didn’t sleep a wink. I cried and begged my husband to take me to the ER, but he said “What are they gonna do for you there?” And, he was right. So, I took my medicine I had at home, threw up because it makes me sick, and suffered through it. I know how I would’ve been looked at in the ER, and it really is a shame. I don’t run around with my blood work results in my purse, it wouldn’t matter anyway.

  • Nicole Berninger Peace

    Omg it’s SATIRE.

  • ER/TR

    Well that just the manipulation coming out with EVERY chronic Pain/Drug Seeking behavior.

  • Jamie Dillon Konz

    What ever happened to first do no harm :/ Allowing the ignorance of people will only wind up adding to high numbers of kidney and liver patients later, not to mention suppressed immune and clogged up lymphatic systems.

  • estherslocks

    You chose your job.

  • Casca

    We put a sign on the street in front of another ER across town saying ” Free Vicodin, Xanax and Dilaudid today !!!!”

    The line of cars was over half a mile long to get in there…..

  • Casca

    You up voted yourself numerous times I see…….

  • Casca

    You should move to Colorado and start toking legally….

  • Casca

    Pushed by the Pain scale, Press Gainey and EMTALA- all Federal laws…..

  • Casca

    Instead, the DEA turned hydrocodone into a schedule 2 drug needing a triplicate to fill it.
    The government is pouring gasoline on a fire.

  • Casca

    Odd how the folks up voting all the whiners posts are always ” guests”
    You can sign in different times and up vote yourself as a guest numerous times.
    Sick, sick people……

  • Casca

    Flagged for being a drug addict

  • Casca

    Quick !
    Move to Guatemala and insist the ER there treat your “12 out of 10” pain with all the free drugs you demand !

  • Wildman 74


  • Paulie Juan Pablo Escobark

    yawn…wrong blog. this is SATIRE

  • Paulie Juan Pablo Escobark

    wrong blog

  • Paulie Juan Pablo Escobark

    once again…THANK YOU!!! thank you. thank you for being a fine example of what we are all talking about here. and wasting all of our time listening to all of your stories and excuses. i think I’ve heard your story about 100 times this year. exact story. and us simple ER folk are real sorry to hear about your MVA way back when, but this is the EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT. chronic pain is not an emergency. PERIOD. where the hell is your primary care doctor or, hey, your pain management doctor for that matter?? oh wait, it’s the weekend and you couldn’t get a refill. or someone stole your rx. or you dropped your pills in the toilet. or your from out of town. or your dog ate your homework. did the accident happen today? no? go away and take your MRI with you

  • Paulie Juan Pablo Escobark

    THANK YOU!!! thank you. thank you for being a fine example of what we are all talking about here. and wasting all of our time listening to all of your stories and excuses. i think I’ve heard your story about 100 times this year. exact story. and us simple ER folk are real sorry to hear about your MVA way back when, but this is the EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT. chronic pain is not an emergency. PERIOD. where the hell is your primary care doctor or, hey, your pain management doctor for that matter?? oh wait, it’s the weekend and you couldn’t get a refill. or someone stole your rx. or you dropped your pills in the toilet. or your from out of town. or your dog ate your homework. did the accident happen today? no? go away and take your MRI with you

  • Jake Tollette

    I want to hear today’s specials!

  • Liz Schollard

    I feel like saying sometimes, “Hi my name is …., can I get your order now? There’s a sale on D….” – oh that’s right – they have a ‘free’ coupon :(

  • Chuckles

    Funny thing. I have Bipolar II. I use and have used marijuana to treat my own condition for years, works great! Contrary to popular belief, a piece of paper with fancy university name on it doesn’t make you god, or even an better human being than everyone else. All it means is you regurgitate information well. I’ve had friends od and die on: Heroin, Cocaine, Meth, Drunk Driving, Rx Pills that doctors hand out like candy, cause big pharma has it’s hands in their pockets. One friend had a stroke (and won a law suit ;-) ) due to a dangerous medication that required constant monitoring and blood work that was neglected. I’m hardcore anti-hard drug. There is extensive research on how mushrooms has anti-depressant qualities, and perhaps may have even cased a shift in perception to early humans, that caused a cognitive evolution. Yet I’m demonized for educating myself on my own condition, being informed, having a plan for treatment and being actively involved and using GOD’S weed to curb my symptoms. Wanna hear something really funny? I don’t like this plant in nature, nor do I like zebras. Why don’t we make them both illegal! I go see they psychiatrist and ask for marinol, straight up, because it helps my depression, (instead of opting for xanax or another anti-anxiety/depressant.) Instead I get freakin Adarol shoved in my face??!! But if I say Marinol clearly I’m an addict. God forbing you “medical professionals” do a medial history and see if the history matches the patient’s story. But if I turn down the plethora of (chemical) medications for a problem that has not even definitively been concluded to be a chemical imbalance, in favor of a natural remedy that is consistent and I know to work ~ I’M THE IRRATIONAL MENTALLY ILL PERSON AVERTING TREATMENT!!

    I have these two wizdom teeth that are impacted, and due to lack of insurance (until now) have not been able to get them removed. They cause me insane pane sometimes. I went to the hospital last week looking for a shot of lidocaine honestly, just to numb the pain. I was issued a generic anti-inflammatory and called the attending out. I’m here for PAIN, not inflammation, do you see any swelling Dr? You can’t just expect us to hand out narcotics… I never said ANYTHING about narcotics, are you accusing me of being a drug addict? How about a lidocaine shot, or perhaps NON narcotic tramadol? Yea, got a shot and left with tramadol. Fuck you god complex medical freaks.

    You wanna talk addiction. 90% of nurses I see look like they are going to have congenital heart failure at any moment due to obesity. Isn’t eating an addiction too?

    I’m not ashamed of my weed usage, and it would seem as though my honesty and integrity about this are met with cynicism and hostility. So much for patient “care”.

  • Anonymoose

    My oxycodone does me just fine, and I’ve had an injection that was supposed to kill the pain for “3 months” and all it did was completely tear my neck up and wore off after about 6 weeks. And you are OBVIOUSLY not a healthcare professional if you think and MRI is an “excuse”, go look up what it is you uneducated fucking fool. A drug addict by definition? If you mean I have to take a painkiller so I can get up and not be in so much pain that I can wipe my own ass? Then yeah, I’m a TOTAL drug addict. I get what I need, I’ve had three doctors in the last year, each time I beg for surgery or anything that can get me off of painkillers so I can go back to a normal life of not contemplating suicide daily because I know that this will be my life for as long as it lasts, constant incredible pain. Oh and the drunk driver that hit me, he’s just fine, he spend 60 days in jail and is now free. But each time I see a new doctor, and and I talk about painkillers, I’m given the same look like I’m just there to “get my fix”. Until they see my MRI and wonder how I’m walking. The same goes for every single time I go to a new pharmacy for whatever reason and they have to call it in because they just can’t believe someone my age can be in legitimate pain. And i’m not a heroin user, but I can see how someone in my situation that dealt with nothing by cynical prick doctors all the time making them feel worse than they already do would turn to something like that, from what I hear it’s cheaper because you pricks over prescribe it to anyone who says “ow my foot hurts” so much that the prices for it are ridiculous. I pray on my father’s soul, the man who was KILLED in the seat next to me that you get in a horrific car accident, and you go through what I go through daily, then have to go through the stigma and ridicule every other month or so, just so you know what an amazing piece of shit you are.

  • Bruce Nye

    Never underestimate the power of Natrium Chloride!!! It is a powerful drug, and dangerous too as it has to be reconstituted with Dihydrogen oxide and we all know it can remove the epithelium of critically ill patients. Why Natrium Chloride is so dangerous that nurses are FORBIDDEN by the Joint Commission to have even a 0.9% solution in a syringe anywhere on their person unless immediately using it on a patient for whom it was prescribed.

  • Matthew Diaz De Arce

    I saw this! Haha satisfaction scores would go through the roof.

  • Mary G. White


  • Melvin

    right, that CT should be done in an outpatient setting, not the ER. cancer is not an emergency. The E stands for emergency.

  • Melvin

    yeah keep using that MRI as an excuse.
    You are a drug addict by definition.
    If you have pain and dont act like the piece of shit who wrote the above post, you’ll get what you need. Just be a decent human being. You’re not.
    How have physical therapy, your pain clinic, and neurosurgeons been helping you?
    Please buy heroin and use too much of it.

  • Jake Tollette

    “This day spa sucks!”

  • Jake Tollette

    “This day spa sucks!”

  • Brittany Tessier Rn

    I always thought RN stood for Rectal Navigator, but I could be wrong. Refreshments and narcotics is more like it.

  • Brittany Tessier Rn

    I always thought RN stood for Rectal Navigator, but I could be wrong. Refreshments and narcotics is more like it.

  • Greg Conner

    There was another satirical article written by either a nurse or NP suggesting that the abbreviation “RN” should now stand for “refreshments and narcotics “. I’m going to try to find it. Think it may have shared by Liz Schollard, but not sure.

  • Greg Conner

    Jake, there you go with that radical thinking again. Next thing you’ll suggest that people should only call 911 for actual emergencies.

  • Heidi Hein

    Jake, that might be to hard to explain to our population…

  • Heidi Hein

    Haha! So true… I may not have a job at that point though!!

  • Jake Tollette

    If only there was a place to go to for actual emergencies, (we could call it an Emergency Room) and a place for drug seekers, oh….say like a “clinic.”

  • Jake Tollette

    Ha ha, you mean this isn’t already happening?

  • Greg Conner

    Come to think about it. ..we always joke that if we had a giant Dilaudid and work note pez dispenser in the waiting room our work load would decrease.

  • Heidi Hein

    My blood pressure went up for a second. Now I need a beer…. Thanks Andrea Leary

  • Andrea Leary

    Good news Heidi Hein the article is a joke :) but I feel like some providers abide by this policy

  • Heidi Hein

    Haha, Yes exactly! That’s why I love my job! But for real, I couldn’t even finish reading the article. That’s what pain clinics are for not the ER. But Hey, if patient satisfactory scores go up then pcmc might be the next to join the trend! Get ready!!

  • Greg Conner

    Where do I start? Let’s see…can’t ask about substance abuse because they get offended…have to get them seen immediately for non urgent issues to get paid…have to make them happy at all costs so their hotel – quality survey is good….can’t discharge them from the floor if they don’t want to leave. ..This would just be the natural progression of things, albeit satirical. At least we did have a most interesting case in room 10 yesterday Andrea Leary and Heidi Hein. Great cases like that make it all worth while :-)

  • Greg Conner

    I say “Ditropan” :-)

  • Andrea Leary

    This was hilarious Dare Lane Evans Matthew Diaz De Arce Greg Conner Heidi Hein Amanda Osborn Pache

  • Anonymoose

    As a chronic pain sufferer, I now see why I am looked at like I’m a fucking drug addict by the doc, by the pharmacy, and by the nurses until I pull out my MRI and show them my crushed and herniated discs in my back, you’re all a bunch of fucking cynics, yeah there’s an epidemic of opioid abuse, I know, I get asked by everyone I know to buy the meds I get. But you know what they do if they can’t find something that is for lack of a better term “healthier”, they go to fucking heroin. And honestly, the way I’m treated by you self righteous pricks I’d rather use something from a street pharmacist too if I knew that it was clean/pure. At least I wouldn’t get looked at like I’m the lowest form of life.

  • Doc Tor Hoops

    Hilarious!! But disturbing

  • Wanda Collins

    Wow thanks for sharing , it makes perfect sense for those who really need pain relief, just saying

  • Kitty TheKat

    I know that one: “uhhh…I think it started with a d….di..di..dil…?…”

  • Jen

    Um…they don’t make Lortab anymore. Don’t think they ever made Loratab.

  • Samantha Alloway

    yeah but what if having that CT that one time.. showed they had cancer… it saves lives. you don’t just take pain pills to get rid of the pain.

  • Benjamin Tucker

    Mike Mike Shaw

  • Debbie Maurin

    Or acute dilaudid deficiency

  • Drew Croy

    Take that Press Gainey!

  • Amy Brooks Joffs

    This stuff makes me crazy! I almost dropped my newborn after they have me this stuff. Whoa!

  • Toby Bean

    “I’m allergic to pretty much all medications except Dilaudid and Fentanyl”

  • Shannon Campbell Sellers

    Patient: There is only one thing that helps.. If only I could remember what it’s called… I think it starts with a D, DA, DA. Nurse: Do you mean dulcolax?

  • Jill Johnson


  • Jill Johnson

    I had a 40 something year old guy who had a cranky IV pump, and a little NS flush fixed it…. he’d wake up and see me with a syringe going into his line, and just roll his eyes back and smile …. he didn’t ask what it was, and I didn’t tell… he thought it was all good. :p

  • Jill Johnson

    Gawd…. Press-Ganey…. the concierge conversion program for medical professionals. I send them back with nasty comments.

  • David Lackey

    I want some. (Oh wait, I’m a recovering junkie with 20+ years of (mostly) sobriety. – I guess scoring some wouldn’t be such a good idea) oh well, I have fond memories of , what were we talking about again?

  • Jon Paul

    Gomerblog, you make me laugh till I snort!

  • Guest

    For those who think this is ‘real’, get out of the medical profession… look up the word ‘satire’. You’ll learn something ;)

    For those who are speaking in general about those who need pain meds, please tell me that you actually know how to tell the difference between addicts and someone who has chronic pain who is not addicted. Working in an ER doesn’t mean you do- it means you’re jaded by the jerks. And I can understand that… working in a detox facility, it did get old to see the same faces show up repeatedly to get clean. But addiction isn’t a one-size-fits-all problem. Neither is pain. I’ve been an RN since 1985. I’ve had chronic pain since 1995, and disabled since 2004. I know that an ER is the last place someone with legitimate, documented pain can go and get help. I know that the PITAs are the reason… but if you’re ever on the fence about whether or not someone ELSE has pain, could you step back for just a minute, and ask whether you’d want to err on the side of helping someone be able to function physically for a few doses to get them to when they can get to their regular doc- or give someone who is going to get something from somewhere for their emotional issues (core of addiction) a few doses to get out of your hair? You DON’T know who has ‘real’ pain (meaning physical… all you have is their word. You also don’t know who is purposely not telling you that they hurt because they KNOW you will judge them as drug-seeking… when knowing about the pain might give you the info you need to really help them.

    Yeah- I’ve worked with some real winners on a med-surg floor (not as bad as an ER, I know- but they stayed longer ;) ). We (nurses) were told that if the vitals were stable, and the time frame allowed it- give the meds. Either they’re going to abuse stuff at home or they’re not. And that has nothing to do with you. The vast majority of patients aren’t going to end up addicted- and nothing you do “to” an addict will keep them from getting what they want… legally or not. You’re not going to fix a lifelong problem with a 3 hour ER visit.

    jmho…. Lots of stuff y’all wrote is really funny, and I remember those days with patients I wanted to clobber. But knowing how medical professionals feel about pain meds- and the audacity of someone to say they actually hurt- is embarrassing.

  • Jill Johnson

    This is satire…

  • Guest

    Right…. send them all looking for cheaper heroin. I wonder if the stats are really that much higher per capita, or if 24/7 news and more drama = better ratings are partially the reason. When I was a new grad (RN) in 1985, there were cards of codeine missing from the med carts in nursing homes- nothing new about addicts and pills. Pills were common on the streets then – just different ones. But more regulation = sending them to the street.

    Should docs comply with ‘demands’ for unnecessary meds? Of course not… but don’t lump all folks who complain of pain of having drug problems. Of those prescribed addictive meds, and who take them as directed, the actual rate of addiction is less than %6… so %94 who follow the rules have their lives altered because of those with “issues” (very easy to look up- look for the ones that are done by addiction researchers- not the panic button dwellers). I’ve worked addiction treatment/detox and am a chronic pain patient (who has better sense than to go to an ER for help if I’m in pain). It’s gotta be done with some common sense. One entire family practice group in the town I’m in is not allowed to prescribe pain meds to their own patients by their hospital group ‘rules’. Seriously? The patient’s own doc can’t make the decisions? Send them to a pain management doc, so one more hand is in the prescription pot?

    Yeah- this is a satire site. But it’s also a real problem for those of us with legit pain (physical, documented, test results not disputable, etc). Norco as a Schedule II just means that the price of heroin just went up. I’m lucky to have a doc I’ve known for several years, who knows me, and that I’m not one to want more and more; I told her last time to cut back on the #/prescription- I didn’t need that many. But for those who have doctors who are just scared, they’re the ones who suffer. If someone is killing themselves, the DEA isn’t going to stop them.

  • Anthony Daniels

    I used to work in an Eye ER. My favorite was prescribing dolobid (an NSAID legitimately indicated for, among other things, eye pain). If you muttered the name as you handed them the folded prescription, they thought they were getting what they wanted and left the ER happy as a clam… at least until they got to the pharmacy. :-)

  • Amanda D.

    Yes! Satire

  • Nancy Barriel Disponzio


  • Rhonda Worley-parsley

    The 5 v 10 I agree with; however, I actually have had reactions to some name brands that contain dyes. I recently changed pharmacies and they use a different manufacturer of a drug I take daily. I can tell a HUGE difference in the same drug, same level–just different manufacturers.

  • Philip Holman

    Lets wait for the dust to settle on the first law suits before we get too optimistic.

  • Rachel Dowling

    That is stupid I’m a nurse an we have enough drug seekers that come frequently because they have been given drugs so easily

  • Shara Pennington

    Well, it’s one way to deal with this country’s raging addiction problem..

  • Lori Ann

    Dilauda…..it’s the only thing that works.

  • Paula Rich

    Is this a joke?

  • Danna Flores

    Oh, and I’m allergic to generic Lortab. I need mine to have the blue specks in them, those don’t make me sick. Oh, and make em 10mgs, 5’s make me itch.

  • maureen_saunders

    And a glorified waitress!

  • Kevin Scyoc

    He’ll no . What are they talking about . If someone needs that medication then they truly need to be in the hospital. I think this is er doctor just doing whatever they want kinda pathetic and

  • Kevin Scyoc

    He’ll no . What are they talking about . If someone needs that medication then they truly need to be in the hospital. I think this is er doctor just doing whatever they want kinda pathetic and

  • Selena Wallace

    What is it

  • Selena Wallace

    What is it

  • Curtis Conner

    What the heck…. Kevin Scyoc???? Pansy Scyoc-Thornton

  • Curtis Conner

    What the heck…. Kevin Scyoc???? Pansy Scyoc-Thornton

  • Deborah Creech Biggs

    “dilawTIT” is my personal favorite.

  • Deborah Creech Biggs

    “dilawTIT” is my personal favorite.

  • Casca

    Jamie Lynn Sawyers in 3…2…1…
    ” You don’t know my pain !!!!! Oooh ! A Grilled Cheese Sandwich !”

  • Shawn Thompson-Snow

    Yes, let’s add to the unbelievably out of control opiate problem in this country by giving addicts anything they want by name!

  • Shawn Thompson-Snow

    Yes, let’s add to the unbelievably out of control opiate problem in this country by giving addicts anything they want by name!

  • Kelly Hemken

    Yes, I’d be more than happy to get you yet another dose of Dilaudid. While I’m at it, would you prefer your Oxycontin crushed or not crushed?

  • Kelly Hemken

    Hopefully, states will legalize recreational Dilaudid soon, and thus free up our time for real patients.

  • Victoria Knutson

    Have it your way…lol!

  • Tim Rowland

    Now I know why my patients like you so much. Here, all along, I thought it was your affable nature and ninja-like scalpel skillz.

  • Susan Riggan

    I’m allergic to everything else! It all makes me sick except for Dilaudid said while drooling in anticipation…

  • Patricia Sechan

    It all comes down to money

  • Sarah J LaCasse

    Brilliant! Except I’d practically be out of a job, LuAnn Kibira

  • Skip Sautter

    Doping is Coping :/

  • Michael Davidson


  • John Franich

    Unfortunately, The medical profession has contributed to the growth of rehabs like ours.Scripts have become the new heroin, especially among seniors.

  • Lora Blanton Kinner

    Hypo-dilaudism should have been taught in nursing school

  • Jeri Lynn Angal

    Lol! Thank God for Press Ganey!! Without there diligent work none of this would be possible. I’d still be listening to BS stories about 12/10 pain and adding new terms to my vocabulary.

  • Tara Wolf

    Ill take some!

  • Ashley Brogan Lee

    I feel like that’s what we do already! Yes, I know this is satire.

  • Gary Calderon

    Do we instruct them on how to crush it up and snorted in their nose

  • Tim Norman

    Given some of the ridiculous articles in the news today, I did not realize this was satire. Sorry.

  • Pamela Hall Duerr

    Sounds reasonable

  • Jennie Caskey

    I would love this to be true. Take your drugs and get out.

  • Dawn Parton

    I’m a RN but I feel like a glorified drug dealer.

  • Lisa Marie Hlad Matthis

    Satire folks

  • Loretta Flood

    If only this could be done…*sigh*

  • Fely Salazar

    But you don’t have to ask. Some ER docs just give it automatic just to satisfy the patient. Just saying.

  • Yolanda Vazquez

    This is just BS…bad practice!

  • Jason Hyatt

    Settle down Tim. It’s satire. Gomerblog is The Onion for healthcare professionals.

  • Josh Goergen

    It’s a medical satire website…like The Onion for medicine.

  • Josh Goergen

    Take a breath, this is a medical satire website.

  • Allison Marr Casey


  • Christopher Befort

    This is gold

  • Tim Norman

    Since when can we “wash” our hands of ethics. Aren’t we putting cost over principle. Addicts have manipulated health care too much as it is. Currently, people with legitimate pain have to wait until the results of a piss test come back before they are treated (because of addicts who manipulate the professionals time). If you want to cut cost, why not stop all the testing just to “cover your a**”.

  • E Russell Kalcec

    Satire, but you know they do this in other countries.

  • James Uthe

    Scores are high because so are all the patients

  • Linda Curran

    Only if u get the burger King hat with the dilaudid too

  • Abigail Blu

    That’s why I loved working EMS. No Dilly on the bambulance and when they ask for narcotics…”sorry I can’t. If I gave you pain meds they wouldn’t be able to diagnose you properly at the hospital”. Then pawn them off on the ED! Hahahaha

  • Aaron T. Fathe

    Too bad the DEA wants to get in the way of doctors giving medicine to their patients

  • Alexa Schultz

    Ridiculous. Encouraging drug abusers to continue.

  • Dan Cummings

    What if they followed the “need a penny take a penny, have a penny give a penny” philosophy of that plastic dish next to all gas station cash registers. Except replace “penny” with “Percocet”

  • Ana Negron

    Just in time for the holidays!

  • Wes Hunter

    Oh Press Ganey, see what you’ve done to us?

  • Kathleen Good

    Who’s going to pay for Rehab?

  • Leigh Ann Fleshman Tiller

    Ha. Funny. I knew this was fake because theres not a patient comment in earth thats that understandable or well-written!

  • Zafar Khan

    good one

  • Mary W. Studious

    Nice for the dopers.

  • Lisa Johnson James


  • Katrina Gabelko

    YES!!!!! I’m not going to conferences anymore. They get me in trouble with all the Best Practice bull…

  • Katrina Gabelko

    Wow maybe I’ll get fewer of those patient nastygrams that say I’m rude and unprofessional when I don’t dole out narcotics… Do you think we could throw in some antibiotics for the younger set? No point in Mum and Dad feeling chipper if Junior has a cold… Just sayin’… I feel my patient satisfaction going up already…

  • Joshua Wood

    But I want dilladad! I don’t want no dilauded, give me that dilladad!

  • Nicole Castiglione

    Lol I read this before seeing it was a Gomerblog post. Scared me for a minute! If that was my hospital I’d be giving Dilaudid all freaking day long.

  • Gomerblog


  • Mark Eccles

    They need the medicine for a brain chemical imbalance.

  • Steven Welsh

    This will tremendously help all those poor folks who are allergic to every single pain med except Dilaudid.

  • Jayme Ray Lovvorn

    I have, but it was a post dural puncture HA, and was given with 50mg Benadryl… talk about knock you the fk out…

  • Aaron Hoffman

    Don’t forget the Benadryl chaser!

  • Conni Errickson Miller

    No, but yes. It is a satire but this is becoming all too familiar lately. I’ve never given dilaudid for a headache before.

  • Derek Watson

    Well this is ‘Murica!’ What right do docs have to tell people what’s good for them! This is a win-win, way to lead the way CEO Shoemaker

  • James Williams

    Don’t forget the work notes.

  • Lisa Bonnlander

    Bonus pack if you call it “dilaudin”

  • Heather Gardner

    You know good satire when it makes you stop and think.

  • Aldo Briganti

    I need CHIALIS 5 mg/Day, where i can get it without paying $ 250/month?

  • Jamie O’Gallcobhair

    I love this site.

  • Bill Clark

    The Press gainey score replaces pain score. If the score is low or a frown face is circled keep giving dilaudid until you get a 5 or a very happy face

  • Diana Ball

    Lol. They’re right, it would probably save money in the short term… ;)

  • Linda Ranne Barberi

    And just like that, millions of patients miraculously remember the name of that medicine that begins with D.

  • Theresa Daoud

    we’ve been doing that for how long now?

  • Sarah Kohrmann

    You’ve been outed Doc ;)

  • Jeanni Day Hardwick

    “LorAtab” lol.

  • Jerilynn Rose

    Very interesting.

  • Tommie Cox Blue

    Lol Amy Amy Craven Geurts. Ask for the “d” give em the “d”.

  • Lance Shoemaker

    Columbus hospital?
    Dr. Shoemaker?

  • Nicole Berninger Peace

    Omg. This is a satire site. No, it isn’t real.

  • Katherine Flannery

    Lmao Sarena S Webb

  • Mark McKee

    Elvis had to get it from Dr. Nick!!!

  • Ahmed R. Ibrahim


  • Culley Burleson

    Is this for real?

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