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From couture gowns to handbags, and now to surgical gowns, there’s no telling what Michael Kors will do next.

The plain paper or fabric surgical gown has been an untouched staple since it’s beginning. No one has dared to change what is meant to be a protective sterile function, and turn it into artful fashion.

In an interview with Kors, he explains his desire to reach out to the everyday person with his designs.  His peer designers have historically done this by developing a ready to wear line for Target, but Kors desired to explore an untouched market.  He describes this line as “fresh, playful, chic, and of course, FABULOUS.”  Since the line was designed for spring, the colors are upbeat and refreshing shades of blue.

Cleverly named ‘Dr. Kors,’ this spring line brings the latest trends to the OR.  Many surgeons and surgical techs can’t wait to get into these gowns and enjoy an opportunity to express themselves.  “Clothing changes the way we feel and therefore the way we interact with each other,” explains Kors.  He believes the OR can be a more artistic and positive place.

Orders for the new gowns have skyrocketed, as surgeons, ICU staff, PAs, nurses, and surgical techs everywhere press the hospital to make these gowns available to them.  Dr. Katie Jackson, an ENT surgeon in New York, has added the gowns to her preference card as something she requires for every case.  “I’m so excited!” squealed Dr. Jackson.  “I really hope he has one with a peplum!”

Surgical tech, Anita Willers, is already fantasizing of the day she can scrub in with a Kors’ gown.  “Ah, it will make those 12-hour liver cases so much more bearable knowing that I at least look good.  Although now I will be even more upset when Dr. Winston splashes blood all over me.  He better step up his game.”

Dr. Kors’ line of gowns is set to hit hospitals in March of 2015.  In the meantime, Kors has already started work on his first fall line for Dr. Kors, and he assures us both lines will knock your Danskos off.

  • 110.8K
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