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AAMC Releases Helpful New Rank List Advice for Residency Match

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WASHINGTON, DC – As the rank list deadline approaches, the American Association of Medical Colleges just released its rank list strategy guidelines for the upcoming Match.  The guidelines have been highly anticipated by graduating medical students, and are expected to make the 2015 Match the most successful in history.

medical residency match adviceA message from Dr. Darrell Kirch, President of the AAMC said: “This is an exciting time for fourth-year medical students full of opportunity and promise!  As you will reflect on your priorities and goals in order to make your ideal list, feel free to use the following pearls of wisdom to help guide you in the finer points of your considerations.  Good luck and congratulations to the soon to be graduating class!”

  1. Make sure you don’t have a moral objection to the university-affiliated sports team since you will now be associated by residency.
  2. Weather can be a deal breaker for some students, but do realize that no matter where you match the weather is always 72 and fluorescent.
  3. Be sure you like the city where the program is located since you will be asked for restaurant and tourism advice from your visiting friends and family to all the places you want to visit but haven’t yet.
  4. The most prestigious place is not necessarily the best fit for all medical students.  It’s likely that the key to making your parents proud isn’t matching at Harvard so much as providing them with grandchildren.
  5. Many students are interested in locating somewhere they are close to family, but keep in mind that residency is potentially a convenient excuse for a 3-7 year break from your family.
  6. Be sure you have the local resources you need to engage in your current hobbies on your time off so that you can do them 1-2 times per year.  Sleep isn’t a recognized hobby outside of residency.
  7. The vibe you got from residents on interview day is important since your social life will mostly involve hanging out with them outside of the hospital and talking about work.
  8. A lighter call schedule can be alluring but remember that you can only go to the bank, DMV, dentist, and get an oil change on post-call weekdays.
  9. Cafeteria food quality is very important, but do realize that the average resident eats more peanut butter and graham crackers than the patients do.
  10. Be suspicious of advice from current residents.  Their viewpoint is that of a prisoner of war advising someone enlisting.

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    Dr Neeley

    6-8 are the truth.

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    Plenty is a very relative term

  • Avatar
    Clare Wechter Bremer

    Tom Wechter

  • Avatar
    Stacy Ong

    I subsisted on PB, graham crackers, & coffee.

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    John DeCaro

    Most serious gomerblog by far

  • Avatar
    Andrew Fontenot

    “72 and fluorescent.” Nice

  • Avatar
    Andrew Fontenot

    “72 and fluorescent.” Nice

  • Avatar
    Nichole I. Flores

    Melanie Hope

  • Avatar
    Sue Larum

    Hugh Pearson

  • Avatar
    Seema Rathi Bonney

    #10. Michele Harper

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    Terry N Teresa Rolan

    2,3&6 are wrong. With hour limits and day off rules, residents have plenty of free time.

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    Melizza MacNcheezy

    Joan Hong Vicky Hyun things I need to think about

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    Morgan Callahan

    Christopher Dziubak

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    Katie Leonard

    Incredibly useful tips!

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    Yona Milutes

    Phft! Sam Spalding sleep is TOTALLY a hobby :P

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    Laura Hart

    I don’t know how other people feel, but to me, #8 is true.

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Freeman

    #10 is my favorite

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    Mark Bednarz

    Abbie Saccary

  • Avatar
    Ekaterina Kostioukhina

    Quite accurate!

  • Avatar
    Jacqueline Lozoya-Guzman

    Desiree Mendoza

  • Avatar
    Amanda Turner Russell

    Cheryl B Smith,

  • Avatar
    Christie Shanafelt

    Other than the part saying this is AAMC advice, I don’t see satire here.

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    Sam Spalding

    Yona Milutes bahaha number 6. But really all of them

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    Farah Nasraty

    Lily Gvi J’or Elle valid

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    Saupar Nika


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