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Forgot-to-Pee Syndrome Afflicting Millions of Health Care Workers

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WASHINGTON, DC – The Journal of the American National Society, Committee, and Association of Urinary Retention and Other Things Too (JANSCAUROTT) estimates that nearly 1 million medical providers are not only afflicted but also undiagnosed with F2P or Fail-to-Pee or Forgot-to-Pee Syndrome, making it second only to Burnout Galore (BG) as the leading cause of morbidity in medical providers in the United States.  Medical providers are shocked, stunned yet somehow not surprised by the findings.

“It all makes sense now,” said shaken pediatric pulmonologist Cary Asterixis.  “I knew I had forgotten to do something for a few days now.  Will you excuse me?”

peeNephrologist, leading expert on F2P syndrome, and author of the poem “The Commode Not Taken,” Roberta Frost explains.

“F2P syndrome is composed of a triad of symptoms – caffeine consumption, too busy to pee, and failure or forgetting to pee – the last symptom leading to the name of the condition,” quickly commented a very uncomfortable Frost, crossing her legs and doing the peepee dance.  She speaks even faster.  “Ultimately, massive urine production without an outlet leads to hydronephrosis, renal failure, and all the complications of renal failure, including urem-”  Frost’s statement ended abruptly as she rushed to the ladies room, leaving a trail of darkly colored urine behind.

The JANSCAUROTT statement is based on a staghorn increase of case reports in the literature describing nurses, physicians, and other medical providers who are: (1) dependent on caffeine to make it through their workdays, (2) so busy that they completely forget to urinate altogether, and (3) symptomatic as a result.  Though there are no known provider deaths due to F2P syndrome, there has certainly been an exponential increase in the need for Foley catheter placement, temporary dialysis, and environmental service workers to clean up the mess.

“I’m not going to lie, this can be very inconvenient,” remarked physician assistant Joey Clearwater, pointing to his white coat pocket containing a Foley bag with 900 cc of urine.  “But it’s worth not having the lower abdominal and flank pain anymore.  So in that respect, it’s fantastic.”

“In medical providers who are fortunate enough to have an intervention, there are two pathognomonic findings for F2P syndrome,” explained a relieved and smiling Frost, back from the bathroom at least three pounds lighter.  “The first finding is called the ‘urinary sigh’ in which a medical provider with early F2P syndrome sighs with initiation of urination thus relieving the urinary system.  The second finding is called the ‘urinary orgasm’ in which a medical provider with late F2P syndrome moans and experiences a prolonged orgasm from the pleasure and ecstasy of making urine for the first time in a long time.  That’s what I just had.”

Nephrologists, urologists, and environmental service workers across the country are hoping that the JANSCAUROTT statement will lead to increased recognition of F2P syndrome and the preservation of kidneys and bladders of medical providers for future generations to come.

“We must make sure that our kidneys thrive by remembering to pee and peeing freely,” added ICU nurse JJ Stent, freshly changed into a pair of urine-free scrubs.  “That way and only that way can we face our demanding healthcare system and suffer in the more traditional manners of stress and psychological meltdown.”

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    Larry Lynam

    @comalliwrites is there an awareness walk yet for the Forget to Pee Syndrome?

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    Sid Schwab

    Here’s the weird thing: at my age I get up once (and, rarely, twice) a night 2P. And yet I recently helped on a 12 hour intense case and never left the table. Even waited till I got home. Maybe because by then my bladder mucosa was in some sort of resorptive phase and I was getting uremic.

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    Ethan Suttle

    Wow other people understand my jealousy as I empty my patients foley bag at the end of the shift and sudddenly become very jealous

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    Mia McElroy

    I often just don’t get the opportunity to pee or eat during my shift. No complaint…just part of nursing, but I always get a chuckle when I hear the CNAs complain that they barely had time for 2 smoke breaks and only 25 mins to eat! A break? What is that?

  • Avatar
    Dana Stone

    Need to add pharmacy technician to that list lol whole shift without peeing or any kind of break

  • Avatar
    Sinead Navara

    No water no pee terrible but sooo true …:(

  • Avatar
    Stephanie Fauci Nappi

    Kimz Eva the struggle is real lol

  • Avatar
    Grace Cheok

    This is so spot on.

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    FTD- ” Failure To Die ” or ” Fixing To Die ” ?

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    Lora Ann Cullipher

    As a CRNA, I’ve done lots of what’s known as “prophylactic eating” over the years….It’s eating when one’s not entirely hungry because the opportunity to eat again may never come.

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    Kathy Mattson Mades

    Yea. Caroline.. i am still guilty. I am trying to go x2 a day at least. But i will go before i go home.. too cold.

  • Avatar
    Ashley McCoy

    Hahaha! Truth!

  • Avatar
    Jennie Eyres

    What about the ‘forget what a chair actually looks like, let alone sit down’ syndrome…?

  • Avatar
    Caroline Bone

    Kathy Mattson Mades

  • Avatar
    Jennie Eyres

    Teachers too!

  • Avatar
    Evan Davis

    Samantha Davis

  • Avatar
    Jody Madden

    Suggested therapy: work in the OR, stay scrubbed in for the entire 12 hour shift, gradually increase that time when your relief person calls in sick. Repeat several times each week. Your bladder capacity will increase exponentially!

  • Avatar
    Roxanne Crawford

    Teaching too!

  • Avatar

    “: Forgot-to-Pee Syndrome Afflicting Millions of Health Care Workers – http://t.co/pgfWM0Kpf4” story of my life #12hrslater

  • Avatar
    John Higginson

    Nurses gotta vent something

  • Avatar
    Arnell Behrens

    Happens in dentistry, too. You go to the bathroom, snd a patient is in there or the DDS is in there. So you go back to work, then forget to go. Or you try to go again, and someone is in there again. Sigh…….

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    Michele Marie

    Often times when I’m working triage, I’ll have patients come in and their complaints are, “haven’t urinated in 6 hours”, some are men with prostate issues and that sucks, some are concerned they’re dehydrated. I’m sitting there thinking, hmmmm, I haven’t peed in well over 10 hours!

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    JB Lanza

    Chemists too!

  • Avatar
    Trisha Campbell

    The story of my life

  • Avatar
    Joyce MacIntosh

    forget? sometimes, but more often, alone and no one comes to give you a break, or NO TIME. it really should be titled, no time to pee….to Jen kephart: that same thing happened to me!!! “you can let some go if you want” nah…im fine.

  • Avatar
    Elaine Asselin


  • Avatar
    Jen Kephart

    Hahaha – had a sono once when pregnant.The tech looks quite concerned … “Do you need to go to the bathroom ?”
    Me: “Nah, I’m OK.”
    Tech : “Wow, your bladder had 1500 cc in it !”
    Me: “That’s OK , I’m a nurse .”

  • Avatar
    Rachel Bevins

    Yes I frequently void only twice a day!

  • Avatar
    Ann Rodden

    Now this needs to be studied in teachers because many of them are probably not diagnosed appropriately too.

  • Avatar
    Nir Ben-David RN

    Yeah, I definitely go through this. Especially on the day shift. I also forget to drink, so a double edged sword.

  • Avatar
    Stacy Ong

    I have patients with FTP and FTD increasing their incidence of UTIs

  • Avatar
    Karen Martin

    If you do not drink no need to pee

  • Avatar
    Laurel Hammer

    On one occasion, I went 15 hours without peeing because I was too busy at work. The concern is real.

  • Avatar
    Allie Nun Ofurbeewax

    Multiple studies have shown that FTP Syndrome can be successfully managed by inducing the Forgot-to-Drink Syndrome. Occasionally patients even enter remission and have reported that they forget to drink and pee on their days off.

  • Avatar
    Sarah Kohrmann

    Anyone else ever get secretly jealous when giving their total care patient a drink because they know it’ll be a looooong time before they get one themselves?

  • Avatar
    Victoria Morgan

    Often co-morbid with forgot to eat syndrome.

  • Avatar
    Brandy Acklin Bradford

    I was so guilty of this until my co-worker was in a car accident on her way home and suffered a ruptured bladder…… Lesson learned!!!

  • Avatar
    Karen Fisher

    It’s definitely true!!! Lol

  • Avatar
    Vadim Korkhov

    They could get zygomyceticis poisoning, and die!

  • Avatar
    marilyn dixon hill

    wow! Signals ignored wont bladder overfill and release?

  • Avatar
    Tom Campion

    Know this one: “: Forgot-to-Pee Syndrome Afflicting Millions of Health Care Workers – http://t.co/evJ0BCyaMS #hcsm #meded”

  • Avatar

    We all know what happens when Nurses try to eat… https://gomerblog.com/2014/10/nurses-station/

  • Avatar
    Leta Hice

    Many times I’ve come home after a long day and realized, “Hey, I didn’t pee today!”

  • Avatar
    Amanda Zubek

    Don’t forget about the lesser known Forgot-to-eat syndrome.

  • Avatar
    Elizabeth B Gunneson

    The struggle is real

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