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Medical Student Wins Golden Globe for Laparoscopic Cinematography in ‘Emergent Lap Chole’

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BROOKLYN, NY – Third-year medical student Praveen Chandiram has been awarded the first Golden Globe in Laparoscopic Cinematography for his work in an emergent cholecystectomy performed at Lutheran Medical Center.

The film, directed by attending surgeon Dr. Mohan Kilrupathi, features some of the finest camera-work by a medical student seen to date, filled with dramatic cut-aways and smooth, suspenseful zooms on bleeders.

“Laparoscopic camera work is something that can’t really be taught, it has to be felt… it has to come from the heart,” said Dr. Kilrupathi, who also received a nomination for Best Director in a Laparoscopic Film.

“Praveen is one of those students that you can’t help but trust with your camera.  You look at his work and think to yourself, ‘That’s a guy that knows what he’s doing.'”

When asked for comment, Mr. Chandiram said, “I honestly have no idea what any of those buttons or knobs do.  Seriously, if someone has a manual for that thing, that would be awesome.”

Fellow award-winner Martin Scorsese is rumored to have interest in hiring Chandiram for his upcoming documentary on the Spleen entitled “Mystery.”  Although Chandiram’s camera work was celebrated, the film received an onslaught of scrutiny from critics for poor performances by its leading roles.  Actor Gall C. Bladder’s performance is described by Roger Ebert as “lifeless” and “necrotic.”  The actor was not available for comment.

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    Amanda Boursin

    i hate that damn invention!!

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    Eric Papierniak

    Still laughing; Well played, gomerblog…

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    Eric Papierniak

    Lol, one of the trauma surgeons I rotated with actually made me go with him into the OR all the time b/c of the way I did the camera. This award should have been MINE!

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    Josh Conroy

    Gall c bladder

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    Patronus Killinger

    You didn’t tell us you won

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    Alex Nesbitt

    Patronus Killinger James Pearson Warren Fayers Josh Conroy

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    Rocco Arcieri

    Publicist for Gall C Bladder apologized for his bosses performance . “He moved like there was sludge in him but if truth be told he was stoned, ” said publicist SO Oddi

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    Sara Brumfield Castline

    Ugh nasty flashbacks to 3rd year surgery rotation.

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    Sneha Neps

    Jai Ganesh Ruth Blackham Sharin Pradhan

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    Caroline Herron

    Natalie Jumper ,

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    Jennifer Kirsch

    Steve Shapiro

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    There goes Hollywood messing up another medical show! From the same makers of shocking asystole

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    Colton James

    Kate Huff

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    Julie Rizzo

    Good god – spell chole right!

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    Josh Conroy

    James Pearson

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