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Work Note Center Opens in Times Square, Deadbeats Rejoice

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NEW YORK, NY – What’s all the commotion in Times Square?  Not another Naked Cowboy, it’s the new Walk-In Work Note Center.  Based on the model of walk-in urgent care centers, patrons are lining up around the block just to get a work note.  Founded by emergency physician Dr. Gehrich R. Diitriing, business has been booming despite only being open a month.  GomerBlog secured an exclusive interview about Dr. Diitriing’s business model and learned how this brilliant business got its start.

times square work note“Well, I just got tired of all those patients coming to my emergency department, lying about diseases just to get a lousy work note; and I thought, there has to be a more honest way to get out of work… and that’s when it hit me,” stated Diitriing.  This free-standing Work Note Center accepts no insurance and puts the honesty back in playing hooky from work “like the good old days” reminisces Diitriing as a tear welled up in his eye.

Offering flat rate fees for one, two, or even three days off, patients no longer have to expose themselves to unnecessary radiation of advanced imaging, needle pokes, or other crazy diagnostic workups just for a few days off.

Chatting with Joey Jobless, a four-time returning customer waiting in line said, “This is the greatest thing since sliced bread as you no longer have to make up symptoms and wait in ER lines for hours for just one measly day off… I can’t wait to come back next week!”

The enthusiasm is palpable.  The staff are amazingly cheerful and pleasant and absent are the snarky ER nurses.  Speaking to the charge nurse Barbara Dolly, she stated, “I just love the high energy of this environment, the passion of the staff, and the patients are just wonderful, so honest and forthcoming.  Gone are those ED days of patients cussing and screaming.”

On our way out the door (after getting three-day work note for GomerBlog, of course) we asked Dr. Diitriing if he had any future plans for expanded business operations.  “Not sure, yet,” he states.  “I think we have a recipe for success, but this business model needs something more, maybe an OTB or Pawn Shop in the waiting room, or even a drive-thru opioid line.”

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    Miki Levings

    Just brilliant !

  • Avatar
    Rissa Stackhouse

    HA !!!!

  • Avatar
    Ashley Dunn

    Omg! Yes! If I would have known it was this easy that would have saved me a lot of time..

  • Avatar
    Sara Mechling Shafer

    Ashley Dunn didn’t someone need one of these the other day? Like, after texting his girlfriend?

  • Avatar
    Jenny PeaCox

    I love the doctor’s name!

  • Avatar
    Ramona Queeney

    Haha!!! Deadbeats rejoice!! Gomerblog you kill me. Brilliant,funny stuff. Keep it coming.

  • Avatar
    Dawn Woodrich-Robinson

    This sure would make Sunday nights at the ED boring. Everyone would miss the awesome stories patients come up with to extend their weekend by a few more glorious days!

  • Avatar
    Wayne Baxter

    This was my idea….I was going to call it “Excuse Me”. I’m sad now.

  • Avatar
    Dorris Helton

    Have the doc E-mail your excuse directly to your boss and, of course, bill your credit card. Simple!!

  • Avatar
    Heather Case James

    Amy Kanugh

  • Avatar
    Beckie Hippler Franz

    Mindy Fritz…oh the excuses I could put on those notes!

  • Avatar
    Chris Schroeder

    Drive through opioid line? Wow.

  • Avatar
    Bogey Behr

    My husband is a physician and I tell him all the time what good are you if I can’t get the occasional sick note out of you? Lol

  • Avatar
    Mindy Fritz

    Beckie Hippler Franz :)

  • Avatar
    Rachel Huffman Ridgway


  • Avatar
    Gracie Million

    These articles are hilarious, I just love them.

  • Avatar
    Sheryl Scott Chiaro

    Heck even as a nurse this isnt funny. I’ve needed one. If you were genuinely ill for 3 shifts like the flu where your dr doesn’t want you in his office. Same for my kids. I’d love it

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    Jackie Edleblute

    Tiff Edleblute

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