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Dermabond Repackages for a Sexier Product

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Dermabond, a skin glue widely used for surgical skin closure, has had a recent falloff in use as hospitals push cost-conscious practices.  In response, Ethicon has repackaged and launched a new marketing campaign to increase physician preference for its use.

dermabond surgical glue
Please shake, instead of cracking

Last week the 007 Dermabond series was released and samples distributed widely to operating room and emergency departments nationally.

Alex Corsky, Chairman for Ethicon and CEO of Johnson & Johnson, describes his vision for the new packaging.  “Dermabond has always been an efficient, safe, and effective method of skin closure.  The 007 Dermabond Series now transcends the product into something that has an extra appeal.  It allows you to imagine being a doctor and a secret service spy at the same time.  Just ask for Bond.  Dermabond.”

One of the major changes in packaging is that it activated by shaking, not breaking the chamber.  Each delivery stick is a sleek grey color and has a slogan printed on the side.

The new slogans for this launch vary, some examples include: Vicryl is Not Enough, Steristrip A Different Day, DermaBond Royale, Glue Never Dies, For Your Skin Only, The Nurse Who Loved me, and Never Say Nylon Again.

The new campaign has been well received.  Dr. Mark Bighands, an emergency medicine physician, can’t get enough of the 007 Dermabond line.  “I just love the new Dermabond.  Sometimes I use them just to see the slogans, it’s kind of like a fortune cookie.”  Plastic surgeon Dr. John Humble feels like they were made just for him.  “I always knew I was kind of a big deal, but now I use a super spy gadget to complete my surgery.  I can tell the nurses look at me differently,” he added.

The new Dermabond 007 line is exactly the same medical product as before, a fact the company wanted to make very clear so physicians know they are getting the same effective product.  Ethicon is confident in the packaging success, arguing that this new campaign will stick like glue.

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    Samantha Strickland

    See!!! Lol

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    Samantha Strickland

    Oh we use that all the time! It’s good stuff!

  • Avatar
    Pamela Adams

    Samantha Strickland

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    Rosemary Fleig

    I have a friend who uses Superglue for cuts. Are superheroes stronger than Bond?

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    Harrietta Christodoulos


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    Laura Swoboda

    This reminds me of my TPA song to ghostbusters music…

  • Avatar
    Rocco Arcieri

    Applied by Dr No with his Goldfinger, “I generally have an attitude of
    Live and Let Die.”
    He was very excited when he heard the Octomom agreed to a star in remake of a 007 movie.

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    Aimee Barton

    I love it!

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    Jessica McNamee

    007 = License to kill. Just sayin’.

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    Robin Fahringer Mitchell Machajewski

    LOL! Love it!

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    Mari Hoover

    Shaken, not stirred!

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