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Local Children Against Vaccinations Despite the Evidence

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ATLANTA, GA – A growing trend is occurring among children across the nation: the rejection of vaccines.  It has been well documented that some parents have rejected vaccinations because of a very powerful fear-mongering machine that holds no scientific evidence.

pediatrics vaccinesThis public disaster has reached into the ever powerful 9-and-under demographic.  Surveys show anyone in this age range would choose to opt out of vaccinations if given a choice.  “This is truly remarkable,” stated Charles Landship, the lead scientist in the investigation.

85% of the respondents gave a resounding “No.”  “Critics say there still is a large portion of people who are pro-vaccine, but the other 15% of the surveys in the study we received just had a bunch of scribbling all over the page with crayons.  I think it’s safe to say not one person in this key demographic was pro-vaccine.”

This recent data is concerning scientists and pediatricians all across the U.S.  “This is the age group [0-9 years of age] that vaccines make the most difference,” Dr. Hansen, a local pediatrician told reporters.  “If they are born anti-vaccine, it may be too late to change their minds once they are older.”

When the researchers took a small group of 0-9 year-olds and read them just a few scientific papers of the thousands available supporting safe vaccines, it made no difference.  Dr. Landship stated: “Even giving these people all the evidence out there, not one changed their mind.  The only way we were successful is if it was their first vaccination and we offered a lot of ice cream and candy in return.”

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