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Anesthesia Resident Falls Asleep During Case, Reprimanded For Missing Lunch Break

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CHICAGO, IL – Chaos ensued at a Chicago hospital last week when an anesthesia resident was missing from the surgical lounge.  Around 10 a.m., a surgery resident noticed that the surgery lounge, which is normally occupied all day with anesthesiology residents eating and discussing what interesting case they were currently “doing,” was missing one of its most influential members.  Dr. Lance Briggs was later found asleep in his chair while a CABG procedure was being performed on the other side of the drapes.  It is speculated that Dr. Briggs may have dozed off sometime between his second coffee break and his first lunch break.

anesthesiologist“The real issue isn’t that he fell asleep during a case,” stated the OR Director, “as this happens quite commonly after the patient has been put on bypass.  The real issue here is that he did not report to his mandated break.”

“We have fought long and hard to be afforded the same perks that unionized VA and county-system nurses get,” he added, “and missing one of these breaks puts the whole system at jeopardy.  Sure we could just slam down a protein bar between cases and keep working all day like our ortho colleagues do, but that is not why we chose to be anesthesiologists.”

Dr. Briggs later commented, “In my defense, I was pre-call that day.  So even though I was going home early that day, I had worked an entire 8 hours the day before and was drained from it.  I never was smart enough for crosswords, so I really had nothing to do to keep myself awake.”

“I did find it odd that we had been operating for an entire hour without a new face peeking over the drapes,” stated the cardiac fellow in on the case.  “I’m used to every 30-45 minutes there being a new person back there trying to figure out what is going on, in lieu of an appropriate sign out.  To be fair though, whenever an attempt at signing out the patient is made, my attending yells at the anesthesiologist for making noise.”

A further investigation will be needed to determine why the CRNA assigned to give Dr. Briggs a break was not available to wake him up.  “It is the job of the CRNA to ensure that catastrophes like missing your break do not happen,” the OR director persisted.  He added, “Why would patients want one surgical team and one anesthesia team, when they could have multiple anesthetists all bringing something new and unique to the table?”

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  • Yulia Demidovich

    Well, Rules are rules and there for a reason :))))))

  • Tatyana Demidovich

    love it

  • Jerry Gostnell

    Love it Chad Hills

  • Chad Hills

    Jerry. Too good not to…

  • Anna Rodgers

    Is this a piss take??!!

  • Anna Rodgers

    Is this a piss take??!!

  • Melanie Voight

    Lol Charlie Johnson another silly article I thought you’d like!

  • Laura Yost

    LOL! I don’t know what the anesthesia department is like where you are, but as an anesthesia provider, I don’t know a single person I work with who lives a “sedate life”!

  • Cheryle LaBelle Monson

    Glad they have their priorities in line

  • Michael Gosney

    Especially at training institutions the surgical pace can lead to monotony. Especially in a stable patient with all the machines, monitors, and sounds being steady and mesmerizing. That is why anesthesia personnel by and large lead fairly sedate lives. Early and long days do not mix well with late nights and partying.

  • Anna Sim

    Chloe Monique

  • Ritchie Cherian

    Lol fuck you

  • Ajoy Kumar

    Michael Gosney Does this sound familiar? ;-)

  • Jennifer Kirsch

    Stephen Carlisle, was your residency like this?

  • Matt Lail

    How is it our job to give breaks?

  • Joy Nolan Nichols

    Andrea Hargis, Alex Cohen, Matt Lail, Tina Franck

  • Camille Claessens

    And of course it was because she was a CRNA, no other reason

  • Rachel Roberts

    Alison Acott

  • Laura Yost


  • DiPan Patel

    Saurabh Dang Gurpreet Dhaliwal

  • Placid TP

    Ritchie Cherian bro wtf already??

  • Cindi Hedgepeth


  • Lora Ann Cullipher

    As a CRNA of 19 years, I’ve yet to get my stacked break…and, I have a Starbucks within walking distance.

  • Cliff Moore

    I hope Brandon Brooks sees this one.

  • Josh Courtright

    Danny Robinson, if you don’t already follow this page you def should haha

  • Hamish Jackson

    Rebecca Lewicki

  • Rhea Newton

    Laurel you should enjoy this.

  • Adrienne Rigitano


  • Nick Smith

    Louis Papilion

  • Elizabeth Frances

    Meaghan Elise

  • Patrick McDonagh

    Mark Alderson

  • Jay Ramchand

    Amandeep Sarai

  • Adrian Mattke

    Only in the US of A…

  • Jay Ramchand

    Amandeep Sarai

  • Tommy Weesner


  • Susan Shafik

    Sobi Mallick hahaha

  • Michael Arnold

    Dan Sehrt

  • Sebastien Haiart

    Bob Bert

  • Merryn Partridge The CRNA might have just lost track of time whilst break-stacking

  • Jeff Siegler

    Patrick Hcuottaf

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