Assassin’s Creed: MICU

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Ubisoft has done it again!  It is time for the next installment in the epic Assassin’s Creed franchise.  Gamers have enjoyed playing master assassins across various periods of time from Italy to the Caribbean, and to Renaissance France.  This time, gamers are fast forwarded into the medical ICU of an academic hospital.


Players will take control of Dr. Sanjay Patel, a new medical intern rotating in the ICU with a dark and mysterious past.  Early in the game, Sanjay discovers that he descends from the fabled order of the assassins who have been battling templars for centuries.  Without revealing the entire story, Sanjay uncovers a plot to bring down the assassins lurking in his very hospital.  Sanjay must identify which patients are secretly templars and discretely eliminate them.  As he progresses through residency, his death dealing skills increase.  Ubisoft has leaked some teaser abilities new to this installment.

Intern assassin abilities:
Ignoring multiple pages from nurses and other services
Sleeping through codes
Causing a pneumothorax during subclavian lines
Skewering the carotid during internal jugular lines
Forgetting ACLS protocol
Not intubating declining patients
Send patients to radiology for extubation

Ubisoft has also leaked some more senior level abilities available to those who pre-order AC: MICU.

Senior abilities:
Capping the service whenever you damn well please
Deferring all questions to the other team on call
Distracting other health care providers with long family meetings in hard to find locations
Sending patients to the floor too early
Consulting neurosurgery to finish the job on difficult cases

Being an assassin isn’t easy.  Sanjay will have to take down enough “templars” to save his order, but can’t exceed the normal MICU murder rate (MMR) else he be fired.  Have no fear, exceeding the normal MMR is assuredly hard to do states Ubisoft.

“We want players to get a real feel of what it’s like to run an ICU fresh out of medical school,” stated Tom Chesterfield, Ubisoft designer.  “Players will be given the options of whether or not to return pages, call for backup, study, listen or disregard seasoned ICU nurse advice, or turn the pager off, say #&$% it and grab a sandwich.  We tried really hard to give people those same tough decisions faced by MICU residents every day.”

Preliminary reviews have been great to say the least.

“It’s so realistic!” exclaimed Judy Waters.  “In the game, I could go to teaching conference while several patients, uh I mean ‘templars,’ were circling the drain.  I selected the ‘I’m unavailable for the next 4 hours’ response when the nurses called and threw my pager in the trash!  When I returned, 3 out of 4 had already expired and my MMR warning meter was still in the green. I got enough experience points from that one to level up to PGY-2!”

“These games are fun, but usually a breeze even on harder difficulties,” shrugged veteran gamer Brian Teaworth.  “Not true for AC: MICU.  On this one mission, I had a 92-year-old templar who was DNR/DNI.  She had a massive subdural hematoma but was doing alright and getting close to discharge back to ‘Sunset Hills.’  I knew I had to act fast.  I consulted neurosurgery who convinced her children to do a massive craniotomy!  She survived the massive whack but ain’t coming off that vent any time soon.  It’s long missions like this one that keep me coming back to this great game!”

Release is scheduled for Summer 2015 with the first downloadable character, Dr. Chet Broseidon, ortho intern, already announced.

  • Dr. Feelgood

    Dr. Feelgood is a neurosurgeon in training who makes his patients feel good with some Colombian bam-bam and subsequently clips their ruptured aneurysms. Post op, he makes every one feel alright with the IV hydromorphone and by of course reading his Gomerblog articles and personal blog. He also plays recordings of his college band for patient's and their families in hopes that one of them will encourage him to quit and "get the guys back together." Sadly, this hasn't happened yet.

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    She survived the massive whack but ain’t coming off that vent any time soon.

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    David Norton, you should have designed this

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    Patrick, Achievement unlocked: Forgetting ACLS protocol. ;-)

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    Its funny because its true.

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    I like how it said “You cannot exceed the normal murder rate of ICU”

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