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Joint Commission Shuts Down McStuffins Clinic for Violations

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BURBANK, CA – Just on the heels of an amazing comeback, the Disney Channel has now stopped patient care operations in the backyard playhouse clinic of Dottie “Doc” McStuffins after a Joint Commission audit revealed myriad protocol and safety deficiencies.  Daphne Chambers-von Recklinghausen, RN, BSN, CPCS, speaking on behalf of the Joint Commission said, “The McStuffins backyard playhouse has exhibited a woeful neglect of safety and privacy procedures, and we cannot allow Doc McStuffins to continue to expose millions of children to a vision of suboptimal health care delivery.”

doc mcstuffinsThe violations emerged from a recent surprise Joint Commission audit of the toy clinic. Notable breaches included lack of HIPAA procedures and compliance documentation, lack of an electronic health record (EHR) combined with improper storage procedures for paper charts.  “Charts are often visible to television viewers, which is an obvious and egregious violation,” noted Chambers-von Recklinghausen.  Additional deficiencies included improper head covering during procedures, the absence of a timeout protocol for procedures, and lack of chaperoning during cross-gender examinations.

The audit also noted the following problem areas for the backyard toy clinic:

  • Lack of implementation of performance metrics
  • Violation of child labor laws
  • Absence of a disaster plan
  • Lack of medication management procedures
  • Improper coding in the Big Book of Boo Boos (e.g. “No Vroom-Vroom-atosis” and “Flat-tail-itis”)
  • A disregard for performance improvement measures in the Big Book of Boo Boos
  • Prescribing and performing procedures without a valid medical license
  • Inadequate handwashing adherence
  • Lack of an infection control plan
  • Absence of a discharge/transfer plan for acutely ill toys
  • Lack of codified informed consent paperwork
  • No plan to address National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs)

Chambers-von Recklinghausen voiced regret over the findings but stated that they were “necessary from a patient safety culture perspective.”  Bob Iger, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company, defended McStuffins, noting that she has “healed many toys and warmed many hearts” since the premiere of the series in 2012.  Nevertheless, he indicated that production of the show was on “hiatus while the clinic was retooled and procedures reviewed.”

Doc McStuffins was not reachable for comment because she was sobbing uncontrollably in her playhouse and refused to come out to answer questions.  Her mother, Dr. Myiesha McStuffins, said, “My daughter is understandably shaken up by the unfairness of the situation, but I don’t have time to go into this further because I have meaningful use and recertification headaches of my own.”

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    Kathy Moffatt

    Teri Rose Cuthbertson

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    Kimberley Pfeiffer

    How can she let her nurse just say whatever she wants to the patients? The fact that she doesn’t enforce scripted conversations tells me she is a rogue!

  • Avatar
    Maura Buck

    Phil S Buck

  • Avatar
    Carrie Klima

    Emma will be disappointed.

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    Cynthia Buster

    My husband must have reported her. He’s been going on for nearly three years about it…

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    Elizabeth Davis

    “No plan to address patient safety goals” hahahaha

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    Tiffany Aceituno

    Don’t tell Ella, Nina Mihelcic! Haha

  • Avatar
    Elaine Evans

    oh no!

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    Kerry Penman Gaines

    Matthew Mark Gaines

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    Leann Leavene

    Jamisen Leavene

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    Brittany Walker

    Jamie Mullins haha

  • Avatar
    Heidi White

    The Vitruvian Bear in the background of this image is killing me

  • Avatar
    Lisa Lee

    bahaha! This is great!!

  • Avatar
    Mary Albanese Mell

    Sadly, all too true! All you budding doctors out there – put down your stethoscopes and go work for the government. Great job security in writing criteria that no one can meet!

  • Avatar
    Colleen Kelley

    Don’t make these same mistakes!

  • Avatar
    Maura Buck

    Colleen Kelley- hilarious now that I’m a soon to be nurse.

  • Avatar
    Kiersten Hepler

    oh geez lol

  • Avatar
    Natalie Scroll Jaimes

    This really made me LOL!!!

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    Jafar Hussain

    Kiersten Hepler oh no!

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    Katie Eisenfeld

    Briana you should probably tell Marley her MD is a sham.

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    Johnny Utah III

    There has to be an ICD 10 code for No Vroom-Vroom-atosis…

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    Michael ‘Dicky’ Dickinson

    Leticia Dickinson lol

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    Joanie Sapienza


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    Sandra Langham

    We all can relate!

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    Susan Hansen-Engelhard


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    Cimmy Alexander


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    Kelly Mc

    What a tragedy! I was really looking up to Doc for my own career.

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    Nancy Tyler


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    Chelsea Huth

    Lincoln Huth

  • Avatar
    Valerie Peterson

    And yet doc mc stuffins is more of a doctor than doctor oz

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    Robin Cunningham Karr


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    Lena Kauffman

    And I heard that the poor little girl also forgot herself and called them JCAHO! It’s Joint Commission now, kiddo.

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    Addy Van Os Keuls

    MatthewandKayla Franks

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    Laura Kenny

    Eileen Kenny

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    Cynthia Fusilier-Rogers

    Hahaha! One of your best articles yet!

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