Healthcare Not Fair, a satirical, comical, and at the same educational web series about American healthcare, launched its first episode “Ms. Have It All” at  Created by a practicing physician, inspired by his real life scenarios, it takes you on a joyride of American health care touching sensitive issues in a light and entertaining manner.  Don’t forget to subscribe at the YouTube channel.  Enjoy!

Have you ever wondered how simple heartburn can lead to $20,000 ER bill?  Dr. Sorry deals with ER physician (Dr. Admission) and gets to learn the politics behind HOSPITAL and DEFENSIVE MEDICINE.


Healthcare Not Fair
"HEALTHCARE NOT FAIR" is a satirical, comical and at the same time educational Web series about American healthcare created by a practicing physician. It deals with encounters between different patients and the protagonist, Dr. I AM SORRY raising thought provoking questions about American society and healthcare debating about its qualities and exposing its flaws in the wake of newly implemented Affordable Care Act (THE OBAMACARE).