ICD-10 Codes Are Out: What Do You Think?

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ICD-10 codes are out.  It contains over 14,400 codes for diseases, signs and symptoms, abnormal findings, complaints, special circumstances, and external causes of injury or diseases.  We asked around the hospital to see what you were thinking:

9351345_m “ICD-10?!?  I’ll just consult internal medicine for my coding, those nerds love that stuff.”

Dr. Brooks, General Surgeon

42897391_m “What’s the code for abdominal pain while I eat Doritos?  I hope the code is Dilaudid, more Dilaudid!”

Sam Donald, Patient in 3012

42836785_m “I only need to know one code: bones.”

Dr. Bonebrake, Orthopedic Surgeon

32215252_m “What kind of macaw injury was it, a red or blue macaw?  I don’t know how to interpret these Heinz bodies without knowing that.”

Dr. Prasaad, Lab Pathologist

11131217_ma “All this time doctors have been coding incorrectly?  Probably the source of my gluten intolerance.  I’m making an appointment right away and get coded correctly!”

Autumn Hendricks, Anti-Vaxxer Anti-Gluten Enthusiast.

anursecrop  “What’s the code for a nurse wearing a doctor’s stethoscope?”

Derick Middleton, Murse

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