Medical Student Accidentally Pimps Orthopedic Surgeon

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NEW YORK, NY – In what is being called a “total collapse of the medical training hierarchy,” third-year medical student Jennifer Hutchinson of University Medical School is under investigation from the Office of Student Affairs for allegedly pimping Dr. Allen Otterbein, an attending orthopedic surgeon.

42205083_m“The sheer insolence shown by this medical student cannot be understated,” said a tearful Dr. Otterbein to the University special investigation task force.  “She made a deliberate attempt at asking me a convoluted question about medical management in order to embarrass me publicly.”

Hutchinson is attempting to defend herself against these allegations.  “All I did was ask Dr. Otterbein if our post-op hip replacement patient should have his diabetes medications evaluated since his blood sugar was over 200.  All of a sudden his eyes kind of bugged out, like he had never been asked to medically evaluate a patient before.”

“There’s at least 3 different kinds of insulin last I checked and I think you’re supposed to give metformin too and I just don’t think it’s reasonable for some punk student to be asking me hard questions like that,” said Dr. Otterbein when the details of his altercation with Hutchinson went public.

University Medical School has been hesitant to provide official statements pending the investigation, but has stated that they take any allegation that their students are acting in a manner that does not befit the mission of UMS extremely seriously.

Our latest reports indicate Dr. Otterbein has just put in a consult to the medicine service for their opinion on his patient’s glucose control.

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