A Pharmacist’s Nightmare – A Drug Seeker and Their Excuses

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We all know that Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians are on the front lines when it comes to drug seeking patients. Somehow they can hold it together after a long day of being yelled at by “hangry” and frustrated customers. GomerBlog is currently working on a study where one glass of wine is almost mandatory for pharmacy professionals after working just over 2 hours in a retail pharmacy!  We can’t even imagine how much wine is needed for a full day, but we are going to find out!

Here are some excuses thrown at these guys on a regular basis that probably hit close to home. Note, that the “dog ate it” is almost extinct, but some old schoolers may try to resurrect it.  Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians, feel free to add more in our Facebook comment post!


“The pharmacy tech must have miscounted”

“My damn son in law stole my bottle!”

“The opened bottle fell into the toilet while I was flushing”

“I need an early refill since I’m going on vacation for 3 weeks”

“The TSA confiscated my pills on the flight”

“Christmas is next week and I will be seeing my in-laws”

“I picked them up last week?  That wasn’t me, it must be an error in the system”

“Oh yes I have a twin, that is probably who picked it up last week”

“I left them on the table at Waffle House and no one knows where they went”

“The prescription says to take 1 tablet every 4 hours, but 2 work much better for me”

“There is only 28 days in February so I’m being shorted 3 days of pills this month”

“I ran out because I had to share it with my spouse who was in so much pain”

“No, that prescription is for my back pain.  I need another one for my headaches”

“This is a leap year so I’ll need more pills”

“The ER doctor told me to come see you for more since I have a kidney stone now.  I know he put them in the computer!”

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