medical consults

A Primer to How We All Consult One Another

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Does your patient need help but you’re just not sure who to consult for help? This GomerBlog primer is here to break things down and ensure your patient receives the absolute best care possible.

medical consults
“Hey, Pulm? My guy’s got lungs, you gotta help me out”

Does your patient…

…have a head?  Consult Neurology.

…have agitation?  Consult Psych.

…have a spinal cord?  Call Neurosurgery.

…have a face?  Call ENT.

…have eyes?  Call Ophthalmology.

…have skin?  Call Dermatology.

…have a heart?  Call Cardiology.

…have a heart and Cardiology is already following?  Call CT Surgery.

…have blood vessels?  Call Vascular Surgery.

…have at least one lung?  Call Pulmonology.

have at least one lung and RT isn’t on board?  Call RT.

…have one of the following: stomach, intestines, or rectum?  Call GI.

…have a liver, gallbladder, or appendix?  Call General Surgery.

…have a fever?  Call Infectious Diseases.

…have no fevers?  Call Infectious Diseases anyway.

…have blood in their body?  Call Heme/Onc.

…have joints?  Call Rheumatology.

…have an endotracheal tube?  Call ICU.

…have a urethra?  Call Urology.

…have lady parts?  Call OB/GYN.

…have a kidney?  Call Nephrology.

have bones?  Call Ortho.

…breathe?  Call PT/OT.

…have pain?  Call Anesthesia Pain Service.

…have a question?  Call Medicine.

…still have a question after talking to Medicine?  Call Palliative Care.

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