Resident Goes Back To Preschool To Learn Basic Social Skills

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Second Year Resident Jonathan Pratt was recently admitted to ABC Preschool to learn some basic social skills that are lacking in his hospital work. “It is highly unusual to have someone in their 20s in Preschool but when I met Jonathan I knew instantly that he desperately needs to be here,” stated teacher Vanessa Monroe.

preschoolJonathan has struggled with exchanging pleasantries with the nurses, patients and fellow residents in a smooth and normal manner. His Attending described his communication style as “Robotic.” On one occasion, Jonathan Pratt told a patient’s family that their relative was dying and then walked out of the room with no explanation whatsoever. Administration is still dealing with this snafu.

At Preschool, Jonathan is learning that conversation is like a tennis match and that the ball bounces back and forth allowing each party a chance to speak. Historically, Jonathan’s conversation style was like a bulldozer. Jonathan insisted he doesn’t like tennis but he understands the concept of volleying from an intellectual perspective.

Jonathan was thrilled to announce that he is the best reader in the class. He reminded the class that he was cum laude in college so this is really just expected. The class looked at him blankly. Said fellow classmate Barbara Bratworth, “He’s very silly like my turtle.”

Jonathan remembered a similar feeling of alienation at the hospital. The teacher gently reminded him that it takes time to adjust and that skills such as small talk and sharing will help him adapt better both in Preschool and in Residency. Jonathan is struggling with the concept of sharing in particular. “Life skills are so tricky,” he stated. The class is supposed to bring a “show and tell” object but he refused to share his stethoscope and demonstrate to the other students the various heart sounds for fear they may supersede him at his most prized skill set.

Teacher Vanessa Monroe recommended that Jonathan be tutored privately so he will fit in better among the Preschool students. The teacher advised he watch Sesame Street Dvds as they really tend to highlight useful life skills such as getting along with peers. Jonathan responded by telling the teacher that he has more degrees than her and that she should listen to authority.

As of press time, Jonathan was unable to comment because he was in a “time out” for throwing a milk carton at Wendy Churchill.

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