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CDC Quarantines Jenny McCarthy

ATLANTA, GA — Due to the severe flu outbreak this season, the Center for ...

AMA Adds Complaining As An Official Vital Sign

After extensive deliberation, the American Medical Association has decided to make complaining a vital ...


Patient Demands Nurse Change The Weather

BALTIMORE, MD – Patient Amanda Stanley was having a terrible day: her appendix had ...


Hipster Loses Left Testicle Due to Excessively Tight Pants

WILLIAMSBURG, NY – Hipster Fletcher Jones was admitted to the emergency room last night ...

nurse saves resident

Nurse Saves Resident’s A** Again

In a usual twist of events, Nurse Betty Sue has prevented yet another resident ...

clown doctor

Doctor Finds New Life As A Clown More Fulfilling

Pediatrician Jim Smith is thrilled with his new career as a professional Clown. He ...

nurse reprimanded

Nurse Cures Cancer; Reprimanded for Breaking Protocol

ORLANDO, FL – While looking at some lab values in conjunction with scientific research ...

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