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How Many of These Medical Movies Have You Seen?

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medical movies

With it being so hot and humid outside, what better way to spend your time than to sit back and watch one of the medical movie classics, which got us to thinking: how many of these medical movies have you seen?

12 Angry Administrators
13 Going on 30 BMI
27 Dressing Changes
The 40-Year-Old Vagina
101 Drug Seekers
2001: A Space Colonoscopy
All the President’s Menses
Ambulance Driver
All About Evening Shift
Annie Hallux
Apocalypse Nodule
Avatardive Dyskinesia
Back to the ER
Beauty and the Breech
Billable Encounters of the Third Kind
Blazing Saddle Anesthesia
Boogie Night Shifts
Bovie Runner
The Bourne Intubation
The Bourne Pregnancy
The Bourne Splenectomy
Braveheart Disease
Bridget Jones’s Diarrhea
Butch Chlamydia and the Syphilis Kid
Citizen Lidocaine
A Clockwork Triage
Cool Hand Lupus
Cruel Intussusception
Die Hard in the ICU
Dirty Debriding
The Drapes of Wrath
Dude, Where’s My Carbidopa?
E.T. Tube
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Hymen
Ferris Bueller’s D-Dimer
Forrest Gum Disease
Friends with Health Care Benefits
Garden Stat
GoldenEye Exam
Gomer Never Dies
Gone with the Windpipe
Good Will Huntington’s
The Great Dictation
Harry Potter and the Social Worker’s Forms
Hot Tub Folliculitis
How to Lose a Malpractice Lawsuit in 10 Days
How to Train Your Dragon Medical Dictation Software
The Hunger Games: Calling Takeout
Intern Zhivago
It’s a Wonderful Lyme

Jaws: A TMJ Thriller
Jurassic Parkinson’s
Lady Doc & the Murse
Lawrence of Anesthesia
Legally Blind
Life of Pylorus
Little Miss Sundowning
The Man with the Golden Stream
Mean Goiters
The Notebook of Delivery Menus
Of Mice and Menorrhagia
On the Watershed Infarct
Placing Dory
Placing Nemo
Planet of the Drapes
The Podiatry Adventure
Pretty in Pus
Pulp Prescription
Raging Bulla
Raiders of the Lost Narcs
Rocky (Mountain Spotted Fever)
Romy and Michele’s Potassium Repletion
Saving Ryan’s Privates
Schindler’s Patient List
Sex and the Kidney

The Shawshenk Distension
The Silence of the Laminectomies
Singin’ in the Radiology Suite
Sixteen Cancers
Sleepless in Surgery
Slumdog Medicare
Snow White and the Seven ‘Terns
Sophie’s Consult
The Sound of Murmurs
Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Scope
Star Wars, Episode V: The Empyema Strikes Back
Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Joint Commission
A Street Car Named Dilaudid
Thelma & Leprosy
There’s Something About Mary Jane
This is Spinal Tap
Transfusing Sarah Marshall
The Usual Duplex
Turf Wars
When PT Met OT
Who Coded Roger Rabbit
The Wizard of Osler
You Only Code Once
You’ve Got Paperwork

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