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AUSTIN, TX – Nurse Regan Ludwig recently admitted to ABC News that she works incredibly hard as a nurse because she just loves getting yelled at.  From 7 am to 7 pm, the job ensures that she will consistently be told she’s not good enough, too slow, and generally useless.  Being the target of relentless yelling is simply her thing.  “I grew up in a divorced family so it feels incredibly natural,” stated Regan Ludwig.

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“Could you please raise your voice even more? I just absolutely love it!”

Throughout the day, Reagan Ludwig is screamed at by a variety of people.  The residents yell at her for paging them with important test results.  The pharmacists yell at her because she’s not picking up the medication in time.  The secretaries yell at her for not answering call lights fast enough.  The managers yell at her for literally everything.  And when she returns home, her husband yells at her for being too exhausted to pay attention to him.

Ludwig’s absolute favorite part of the job is when the patients scream at her.  Having a family member tell her she is completely unqualified to look after their mother is really just a bonus considering her 18 years of experience.  Complaints regarding prolonged food service deliveries, poor WiFi signals and other issues not under nursing control tickle Regan Ludwig the most.

Recently, Regan Ludwig was offered a consulting job from one of the pharmaceutical companies due to her vast knowledge and stellar work ethic but she was not interested in changing jobs whatsoever.  Said Regan Ludwig, “I just can’t get enough of this yelling.  I love being everyone’s scapegoat.  The feeling of having your soul systematically crushed and your dignity stripped away, it’s just so rewarding!”

As of press time, Regan Ludwig was busy working overtime at the hospital so she can get yelled at even more this week.