Canadian Provinces Presenting to the Emergency Room

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British Columbia: 43 year-old female worried she accidentally overdosed on Gingko baba when she took 2x the amount on her way to yoga. Feeling tingy inside.

Alberta: 30 year-old male Requesting rx refill for Ativan. Here for work from Newfoundland and without family doctor. Looks well.

Saskatchewan: Who? Not in waiting room when called at 11:05.

Manitoba: 56 year-old male with frostbite to fingers, toes, nose and penis.

Ontario: Purposely hit in the face with a hockey stick during a Toronto Leafs

Quebec: Accidentally hit in the face with a protest sign while protesting. Unsure which protest. Appears confused.

Prince Edward Island: 67 year old farmer trampled by cow on farm. Right leg externally rotated and shortened. Turned down pain meds. States morosely, “the worst thing is I don’t know which cow it is, because they’re all black and white”.

New Brunswick: 60 year old male presents with shortness of breath. Past medical history of HTN, DLP, OSA, COPD, CHF, MI x 2, BPH…

Nova Scotia: 43 year old male with fish hook to eyebrow. Tetanus given in triage.

Newfoundland: 54 year old female with weakness. Also complained of left breast pain, now resolved. States her gums hurt. Poor appetite for ?months? Feels like her pee smells funny. Vague and rambling in triage.

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