Computer Glitch Causes KevinMD to Post Only Uplifting Articles about Medicine

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NASHUA, NH – In a bizarre twist, famed social media physician burnout expert, Kevin Pho’s website KevinMD suffered what Dr. Pho is calling a “horrible glitch” yesterday and published a series of uplifting articles on the practice of medicine.

A computer glitch is to blame for producing only uplifting medical articles on yesterday

Titles such as “The Best Part About Rural Family Practice is the People” and “How I Prevent Coding and Regulations From Driving a Wedge Between Me and My Patients” filled the site’s normally depressing pages.

Regulars to the website were quick to realize something was amiss.  Dr. Katherine Womangan complained, “I always check out KevinMD at the end of a long tiring day, when I think I couldn’t get any more depressed, KevinMD has a way of driving me even deeper into the depths of despair.  He knows how to take me from wanting a drink to needing a drink to keep going right before I cry myself to sleep.”

Dr. Pho himself was irate.  “People come to my site to realize that there are other miserable people out there who hate being in the field of medicine.  They expect to have their hatred of their lives and their careers reinforced.  I can’t have articles about the positive side of medicine on my site.  No one comes to my site to feel any less shitty about their career choice that they have spent 11-19 years training for!”

As of last evening, the KevinMD homepage still had some uplifting stories, however, the usual stories about the crappy parts of medicine, the endless paperwork and the cluelessness of administrators making physicians’ lives miserable were creeping back onto the page.

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