Scotts Valley, Ca – Seasons 1-3 chronicled the drug trade through Columbia, season 4 is poised to go to Mexico, and it has now been confirmed that Netflix will renew the hit drama for one more season — and this time the show will be set in the next most logical location — Washington DC.

narcos“As we began to ‘follow the money’ to trace the progression of the drug trade through Mexico for season 4, it became difficult to obscure the fact that the Mexican cartels are simply a product of opportunity,” Narcos producer Saul Boumonè said, “and that clearly the true drug lords reside in Washington.”

“One arc I can highlight for you is that we will be following the alliance between Tom Marino, the now spurned nominee drug czar and the McKesson, Cardinal Health, and AmerisourceBergen cartels. You will truly get a first hand look into the billions in profits the bureaucrats and drug companies enjoy all while colluding to subvert the DEA and causing suffering for millions of Americans. It will be riveting TV,” Boumonè said. “Ratings will be phenomenal, but this sure is a sad place to live,” he quipped regrettably.

The advocate for narcotic reform, Anesthesiologist General Vivek Murthy, was asked to comment, but declined, citing that he was on his break.

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