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My mother, a biology teacher, turned me onto infectious diseases (ID) when I was just a prezcobix youngster, feeding me documentaries on parasites and letting me stay in bed all day to read The Hot Zone.  My interests grew and by college, I genvoyaged to Africa where I worked on various public health projects and was quick to descovy my passion for medicine and decided to return to school to become a doctor. I enjoyed working on a combivir of medical and public health projects, which I think has led naturally into my interest in infectious diseases.

I believe I will make a great infectious diseases doctor because I am atripla threat: a caring clinician, curious researcher, and dedicated teacher. I realize that being an ID fellow requires intelence and edurant to get through. I have prided myself in being both an excellent student and athlete and I promise if you selzentry me into your program you won’t be disappointed.

After three years of residency, I have learned the ABC’s of clinical medicine. My favorite part of residency has been my time spent working in the HIV clinic. I love studying syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia, and hope to continue studying these 3-To-C if I can be the best STD fellow you’ve ever had. Additionally, when working in the hospital, you will find that I neverapine complain about taking extra consults.

I also have a natural inclination towards teaching and enjoy helping PrEP medical students to become excellent doctors as well. I always triumeq my students look good on rounds. Moreover, I emtricitabeing a good role model for them.

Finally, I want to fuzeon my interests in clinical medicine and research. I have not wavered in my love of ID, norvir-ed off course in my passion for global health, and I hope to build an exciting research career in global health. My interest in medicine blossomed in Africa and whenever possible I try tivicay back there or in similarly tropical places.

I truvada wanna come to your program and I believe I will be a really good match. I odeffsy will not disappoint you. I am trying to prezista urge to keep writing about my love of other aspects of ID. I already had to bactrim this personal statement. It’s too bad that I harvoni one page to tell you about my interests but I hope you invite me for an interview. Let s-tribilding a beautiful future together!

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