medical consult

medical consult

Initial consult notes usually end with the following line: Thank you for the interesting consult.  What does that really mean?  In the first of a two-part series, our GomerBlog translators will help break down what a certain provider or subspecialty means when they write down this phrase.


Translation: So this is what a non-sedated human being looks like?!

Any Consultant Who (1) Thinks a Consult is Stupid or (2) is Fielding the Consult Between 5 PM and 5 AM

Translation: (1) You suck, (2) I hate you for making me stay late, (3) I hate you for waking me up, or (4) I’m gonna get you back for this.  Be warned: the consultant’s note will be quite passive aggressive.  For example: an irritated infectious diseases consultant may not write “afebrile,” but instead write “not even febrile once.”

Any Medical Student

Translation: Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I got to spent twelve hours with this patient and I learned so much!  I’ll remember this forever and ever!  Boy, I cant wait to go home to read up on this one!  Did I mention to say thank you?

Any Resident

Translation: WTF.


Translation: Ive sign higher troponinsCardiologists typically let out a giant yawn after fielding your consult.

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Translation: Why havent you called Cards or ID yet?


Translation: Please don’t call me on eczema ever again.

Emergency Medicine

Translation: Since when do I field consults and how on earth did you convince me to do this one?!


Translation: I know you think its adrenal insufficiency, but its not adrenal insufficiency.


Translation: I cant believe you let this guy eat.  Make him NPO.

General Surgery

Translation: Haha, I cant believe you let me get away with not being the primary team on this case!  Sucker!


Translation: That peripheral smear really turned me on.

Hospital Medicine

Translation: Seriously, do you not know how to restart antihypertensive medications?

Infectious Diseases

Translation: Thank you for this interesting consult!  These guys are cerebral and really do enjoy challenging cases.  These guys are also socially awkward.


Translation: (1) Stop calling me on high potassiums due to hemolyzed samples or (2) Try fluids or diuresis; its one or the other.


Translation: If I see one more pseudoseizure I swear…

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