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LOS ANGELES, CA – Gossip alert!  According to our sources, Surgery & Anesthesia in OR 5 are ready to take things to the next level, and remove the drape that has separated and held them back all these years.

“Ever since the Treaty of Drapes, we’ve been delegated to our respective halves of the operating room,” explained the field of Anesthesia as a whole.  “But thanks in part to an accident where we didn’t raise the drape high enough, we accidentally made eye contact with Surgery only to find our gazes lock and for a long time too.  I could detect a smile underneath Surgery’s mask, and I’m sure they know we were smiling behind ours.”

The Treaty of Drapes was signed back on April 14, 1982 to end decades of bloodshed between Anesthesia and Surgery.  Though scores of lives of innocent anesthesiologists and surgeons have been saved on its account, the legacy of the drape has perpetuated the long-standing tradition of Anesthesia and Surgery not interacting, unless it has to do with (billable) table changes.

Anesthesia and Surgery have agreed to perform a laparoscopic cholecystectomy (lap chole) next week without a drape between them.  That’s right: Sudoku in plain sight.

“Let’s see what happens,” Surgery said, seemingly bashful and obviously blushing.  “I mean, I could feel the electricity, it was palpable.”

Scrub techs knew this day would come.

“The hatred between them always reminded us of school kids on a playground,” scrubs techs told us in unison.  “Sure, a boy would tease a girl and appear mean but everybody knew it was because he liked her and didn’t know better.”

If all goes well next week, Surgery & Anesthesia could pursue a second date and even become exclusive.

“Woah there, let’s take things slow,” Anesthesia told Gomerblog in a high-pitched giggle.  “We’re just removing the drape first.  Let’s see what happens.  It’s not like if all goes well we’ll both be ready to head into the OR naked.”  Anesthesia couldn’t hold back a smile.  “At least not yet anyway.”

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