Dolores Umbridge, Corenelius Fudge, Percy Weasley- Administration- you operate on a sliding scale of likability and we aren’t sure if you’re evil, rigid, or caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Either way, things get difficult


Gilderoy Lockhart- Anesthesiology– you’re great at what you do. You know your goal, and if you do it right, the patient won’t

Rolanda Hooch- ATC– you enjoy the game, but know when to take someone to the hospital wing


Arthur Weasley- Biotech– we don’t know how what or how you’re doing, but you manage to contribute to it all


Molly Weasley- Cardiology- you deal with an exorbitant amount of stress given what and whom you deal with on a daily basis, but somehow manage it all the same


Ginny Weasley- Pulm/Critical Care– at a moment’s notice nearly anything could happen, yet you’re always ready and rise to the challenge


Lord Voldemort, Gellert Grindelwald- denied coverage– you can instill the death curse or cruciatus curse at will pending whom you deem worthy, often providers undergo the imperious curse to cater to your needs


Bill Weasley- Diagnostic Medicine– you’re called in as needed and have an extraordinary skill set


Harry Potter- Emergency Medicine– you’re the person we need on the frontlines. You thrive off your gut instinct and whether it’s a dragon, death eater, Voldemort, or DVT you’re there when we need you.


Severus Snape- Endocrinology/Nephrology– you’re an intellectual, smarter than most, and don’t have a problem telling off someone when you feel the need to


Horace Slughorn- Gastroenterology– Merlin’s beard the galleons are outstanding! …but you went into this for purely academic purposes, of course you understand…


Alastor “Madeye” Moody- General Surgery– you are a skilled provider and practice constant vigilance throughout the operation, many even believe you have eyes in the back of your head. Some people are warm and fluffy, but you know that isn’t your style


Charlie Weasley- Infectious Disease– you deal with monsters that swarm the body on a daily basis and manage your way through it all without getting burned


Minerva McGonagall- Internal Medicine– you’re profoundly intelligent and intuitive, and keep the machine running


Death Eaters- Malpractice– we don’t like you and we have a feeling you don’t like you either

Filius Flitwick- Neurology– known to be the brainiac, if you don’t consider yourself an academic, you should


Albus Dumbledore- Neurosurgery– one of the most successful and powerful providers out there.  We know you’re good, you know you’re good, and we’re sure it gets to your head.


Poppy Pomfrey- OBGYN– you end up caring for more than one patient at a time, and work can often get frustrating, but you love what you do


Septima Vector- Oncology– numbers are a struggle for many but you know how it all fits together


Rubeus Hagrid- Orthopedic Surgery- you’re one of the more lovable people in the hospital, and you know a little elbow grease never hurt anybody


Neville Longbottom- Pathology– usually a pleasant personality to have around, your interests lay in a unique aspect of medicine and you play a huge role in care. That being said, you aren’t that into much else.


Hermione Granger- Pediatrics– you work hard and are absolutely brilliant. You have a great heart and look out for those that can’t look after themselves.


Pomona Sprout- Pharmacy- we rely on you and the remedies you prepare more than you could ever know

Nymphadora Tonks- Plastic Surgery- you’re clearly brilliant, and have mastered the art of changing appearances


Ronald Weasley- Primary Care– you’re pretty smart, but know when to ask for help. Most importantly you’re a loyal friend and do what you can to make things easier for the rest of us…and you appreciate the free lunch every so often.


Luna Lovegood- Psychiatry– it’s nearly impossible to know what you’re thinking, but you’re intelligent, empathetic when you need to be, and tough when it counts.


Fred and George Weasley, Lee Jordan-PT, OT, prosthetics– you’re endlessly inventive and at the end of the day are profoundly caring for those you work with, one person alone wouldn’t do this cluster justice


Newt Scamander- Epidemiology and Public Health– you may not stand out in a crowd, but you have a mastery on the variety of what we see and how to handle it


Sirius Black- Radiology– while intelligent, circumstances have you isolated, and most of your contributions are made in the dark


Angelina Johnson- Sports Medicine– you were probably an athlete yourself, similar to ortho you’re a fun personality and energetic provider


Remus Lupin- Nocturnist– a gentle personality with mastery on how to handle “sun downers”…you’d know all about the madness within, wouldn’t you?

Sybill Trelawney- Rheumatology- we don’t really know the role you play, but you fit in…in your own unique way

Cuthbert Binns- Geriatrics– your content is extremely important, but sadly many have trouble keeping focus