Harrison: Sequel to Broadway Smash “Hamilton” in Early Production


Harrison HamiltonNEW YORK, NY – Understanding that the only possible way he can top the success of his own Broadway masterpiece Hamilton is by grabbing a book even larger than the 800-page Alexander Hamilton biography by Ron Chernow that inspired him, Lin-Manuel Miranda has finished reading the 20th edition of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine and truly believes it would make one unbelievable hip-hop musical, one potentially even bigger and better thanĀ Hamilton.

The Harrison’s textbook is about 3000 pages long, but the page count remains unofficial as scores of editors have died trying to make the tally.

Gomerblog wishes Miranda success in the venture, as it provides hope to legions of internists who wish to understand what Harrison was all about and if he also died in a duel with Aaron Burr.