NP’s Now Able to Open Aesthetic Centers Without Physician Supervision in 23 States

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BOCA RATON, FL – With the recent legislative changes in several states, a total of 23 states now allow Nurse Practitioners to practice without physician supervision. 

The initial hopes of states and the claims of Nurse Practitioner groups was that these Midlevel healthcare providers would go into primary care in underserved and rural areas. Unfortunately, this has not been the case.

NP Esthetics Centers, Coming to an underserved metropolis near you!

In fact, countless Nurse Practitioners moved back to urban centers after realizing there is relatively little demand for Aesthetic Care in rural areas. 

Betty Ünderträned is the Dean of the Boca Raton Advanced Nursing Online Education Center and Diploma-mill. “Doctor” Ünderträned said that “independent practicing Nurse Practitioners have proven themselves a key component of health care delivery.”

“Physicians aren’t going to provide Botox, laser hair removal and collagen injections to poorer communities like West Boca Raton, North Palm Beach and Lesser Miami. That’s why independent NPs are so crucial!”

When asked if a lack of access to aesthetic care was a real issue in healthcare in the US, Ünderträned was noncommittal, “The recent economic rise and the Trump tax cuts have left many Americans with extra cash in their pockets. Without independent NPs they would have to drive all the way to Greater Miami, Central Boca Raton or even Downtown Palm Beach to get aesthetic care.”

“Hopefully the remaining states will get on board and allow Nurse Practitioners to independently operate Aesthetic Care Centers in their states!”

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