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In a world flip-turned upside down, anesthesia has had enough and is making recommendations on how to do surgery.

During a hernia surgery: “Oh, you’re using a 3-0 Vicryl and 4-0 Monocryl to close? I’d use a 4-0 and a 5-0. Much better for smaller scars,” said anesthesiologist Sanjay Roberts, not looking at the incision.

“Why are you restoring that tooth? It’s a baby tooth; just pull it,” he said during a pediatric dental case.

Surgeons are apoplectic at Roberts’ unsolicited advice.

“HOW DARE HE! I’ve trained for years how to be a surgeon! How could he think that he knows more than me?! Sure, once in a while I might recommend doing a case under local and MAC, or … whatever, just do anesthesia!” said hangry and perplexed surgeon Kate Wolf.

When asked why he’s antagonizing his surgeons, his answer was obvious.

“I just got tired of other people telling me how to do my job,” said Roberts. “Surgeons, dentists, nurses – everyone chimes in and tells me how I should do anesthesia, despite having almost no experience or education in the field. So I flipped the script.”

“Everyone thinks that because they have an opinion, they have a vote. But expertise in one field doesn’t carry over to other fields.”

“Learn how to bowl; that’ll teach you to stay in your lane.”

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Hey, Anesthesia! was born on the crest of a wave, and rocked in the cradle of the deep. He was a good student until entering medical school, where he realized that what he was learning didn't matter, and quickly shifted his priorities to cars and girls. He wanted to be a surgeon until he saw that he didn't have the ego or biceps for it, and switched his focus to passing gas in the OR. In his spare time, he enjoys golf and taunting surgeons about his spare time