Concerned Podiatrist Probes Foot Ulcer Down to Aorta

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Initially concerned a diabetic foot ulcer might in fact be osteomyelitis, podiatrist Alice Short not only successfully probed the ulcer down to bone but actually all the way down to the aorta.

“My patient had all the clinical findings that made me concerned about osteomyelitis: a history of long-standing diabetes and an ulcer that was greater 2 cm in size,” explained Short. “I wasn’t surprised when I was able to probe down to bone, but probing all the way to the aorta? That was completely unexpected.”

Hospital medicine is helping with the management of the patient’s hyperglycemia and antibiotics. However, Short has consulted Vascular Surgery to help plan an operative approach.

“Crikes!” vascular surgeon Wayne Colter uttered in disbelief. He was crouching at the foot of the bed, looking at the gaping foot ulcer. You can see the aorta from here!! And it doesn’t look good either.”

“Obviously we’ll do everything to preserve the foot, aorta,” Short told Gomerblog behind closed doors. “But if all else fails, we might have to amputate. Wayne is thinking an above-the-aorta amputation. Let’s hope we don’t have to cross that bridge.”