BREAKING: Z Dogg MD Not Related to Snoop Dogg

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Compton, CA- Many in the medical field love and adore Z Dogg MD. Whether it be following his social media outlets, sharing his YouTube videos or posting in the Facebook group that bears his name, tens of thousands of medical professionals interact with him and his outreach platforms daily. 

A small subgroup have long presumed that Z Dogg was related to Snoop Dogg on the basis of their similar last names. I was one of them. How could the guy with bloodshot eyes, indomitable lyrical abilities and the infamous hair style not be related to Dr. Dre’s left hand man?

It ain’t no fun if Z Dogg can’t have none. 

Unfortunately, it has become apparent to even the most diehard conspiracy theorist that Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr (AKA Snoop Doggy Dogg aka Snoop aka Snoopaloop aka Drizzle) is of no relation to Dr. Zubin Damania (aka Z Dogg MD). 

Unfortunately it appears that this theory was concocted after drinking too much Gin and Juice and must now be dropped like it is hot and allowed to lay low. It ain’t no fun if Z Dogg can’t have none. 

  • Naan DerThaal

    A high school classmate of the lesser 3/5 of N’Sync, Naan DerThaal spent a number of years mired in mediocrity before finding his true calling, writing snarky anonymous internet commentary. He is a multi-time participation trophy recipient in Little League Baseball and has appeared on TV numerous times in the background of sporting events. He enjoys head-butting Lionfish and wrestling seasnakes in his free time and can often be seen dragging a mallet around the hospital. Follow him on Twitter @NaanDerthaal

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