Dr. Dahle, otherwise known as The White Coat Investor, who is well known among the medical community as the authority when it comes to personal finance among healthcare professionals, has some bad news to announce.  His wife of 19 years has decided to finally leave him for a man who took her out to Applebees.

“I couldn’t stand it anymore,” stated Jane Dahle who sounded exhilarated to be speaking to the press. “He always obsessed over saving money and how whole life insurance blows and is the worst investment ever, I couldn’t take it anymore.”

Jane had endured decades of economic discussions and spending (or lack of) from Jim throughout their 19-year marriage.  The only thing keeping her going was the thought of finally being able to spend money in her 70s, that is until Ron came along and invited her out to an Applebees.

“Ron, an acquaintance invited me out to an Applebee’s for early dinner one day and I went and I haven’t looked back since.  He allowed me to order the NY strip steak with a garden salad, a beer, and even an ice cream dessert.  I couldn’t believe it! The meal came to $18 and he said he would pay for it! I was in heaven.  I knew I had to leave my relationship immediately.”

“Shocked, that’s how I feel,” said Dr. Dahle.  “Here we have been saving every penny in low cost Vanguard index funds, buying millions in life insurance, umbrella insurance, disability insurance, and maxing out HSAs, 401ks and my favorite, backdoor Roths.  Why would she think an Applebee’s steak was worth leaving me?”

Jane was last seen walking into a Chipotle yesterday with Ron and the look on her face was “priceless”.