Colon Loses It, Screams “OK, EVERYBODY OUT!”

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Pictured: Colon, relaxed

BELLY, HUMAN – Bowel uncharacteristically threw everyone out yesterday after a Mexican named Burrito arrived, according to Stomach.  “I’ve always thought Colon was an open-minded guy,” said Stomach.  Stomach invited Burrito in and according to his cousin, Esophagus, “was cool.  Everything was going well.  We were partying, having a good time.  Carrot was here, we rarely see him anymore.”  The party suddenly went sour when Colon screamed: “OK, EVERYBODY OUT!”  This was very surprising to Bladder: “I’ve known Colon since we were kids, we were different but I never pegged him as a racist.”  Kidney was also surprised by Colon’s actions: “Yeah, he’s a real cool laid back guy, usually only gets up to work once a day, twice max.”  Colon has a history with Mexicans, especially Burrito.  He had a similar incident in 2008 while vacationing in Cancun, lost his temper and threw everyone out.  Urethra, Colon’s wife, defended him saying, “It’s just irritable bowel syndrome talking. He’s not really like that.” Spleen rolled her eyes and said, “Whatever, he doesn’t get along with Prunes either.”

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