Full of Babies
Full of babies

HOUSTON, TX – Dr. Chris Zanick, a primary care physician, has been struggling to talk to his patients about being overweight.  He solved this problem recently when he got an idea from an outing at a local Walmart.

“Madison was standing in the checkout aisle with me, and said ‘Daddy, why is that lady so big?  Is she full of babies?’  It was initially embarrassing, but it led me to a great idea,” says Zanick.  Dr. Zanick went on to say how the lady wasn’t visibly offended because a cute, little girl in a Rapunzel dress, with princess stickers on her face talked to her about her weight.

“I figured if Madison could come to my clinic and tell my patients they are overweight and need to diet, it will keep my good rapport and deliver difficult news.”  Dr. Zanick is using Madison not only to start the weight-loss conversation but telling inpatients that they are not getting any more narcotics.

Lord Lockwell
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