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Petition to Rip Down All Joint Commission Tips and Pearls Sheets from Bathroom Stalls Gaining Momentum

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How sick are you of seeing Joint Commission tips and acronyms printed out and taped to bathroom stalls?  If you are like most health care providers, you are fed up with them.  A new movement started in Chicago last month is gaining some traction.  Whenever a Joint Commission sign is seen in the bathroom, providers are starting to rip down the signs and toss them.

joint commssion tips “Here I am trying to enjoy a few minutes of solitude in the stall,” states Derrick Simmons, a pediatric intern credited with starting the movement, “when I looked up and saw a memo with Joint Commission tips.  I’m trying to enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet during my shift and I’m inundated with this nonsense.  Instinctively, I ripped it down in protest.”

Simmons decided to rip down the paper and ball it up in the toilet.  Soon others heard of his glorious story and followed suit.  Now hospital workers are ripping down the signs in stalls faster than hospital administrators can put them up.

Nurse Samantha Wilkens heard of the movement and took action in the staff restroom by ripping down all flyers attached to the stall doors.  “The Joint Commission is the last thing I want to think about in the restroom.  Those guys are preventing me from having my coffee at the nurses station and cause me to document the same information in 3 places in the EHR.  Screw them!  I-PASS – How about I-SCREW you!”

Movement leaders are urging all healthcare workers to rip down all Joint Commission flyers posted in restrooms and break rooms as soon as possible.

“They (Joint Commission) may take our beverages away, our ability to effectively treat patients, and our dignity, but they will never take our freedom!”

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    Been doing this for years

    “: Petition to Rip Down All Joint Commission Tips and … #Joint_Commission”

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    Katesel Strimbeck

    And those little booklets they hand out and tell us we must read!

  • Avatar
    Jeannine Duffey Neubecker

    THey always laminated ours….too tough for tp :(

  • Avatar
    David Treese

    Sometimes I tear down the postings & leave them on some administrator’s desk with a note that says, “You know where this has been. Keep your s&$) out of there, and I’ll keep mine out of here.

  • Avatar
    Curtis Olson


  • Avatar
    David Treese

    I like to pull down OHSA posters and use them to cover up administrative postings in the bathroom. Plus, they’re laminated & make good splatter guards.

  • Avatar
    Wagner Schorr-Ratzlaff

    The Joint is insane

  • Avatar
    Kristy Beyer

    Linda Payne the only thing I hate more is the don’t forget the key signs!!

  • Avatar
    Rocco Arcieri

    No need to wonder what they’re smoking
    It is called the “Joint” commission after all

  • Avatar
    Ellen Deffenbaugh

    Don’t most people just pull out their iPhones in the stall? Lol!

  • Avatar
    Paul Gilmartin

    Hell Yeah. Let’s build a bonfire!

  • Avatar
    Robert Reynolds

    Potty training. And emergency preparedness for no tp… A square to spare

  • Avatar
    Marianne Cumberbatch Laughlin

    Our bathroom has so much junk hanging in there, we call it Leak and Learn.

  • Avatar
    Conni Errickson Miller

    It was used for tp when our bathroom ran out. ;)

  • Avatar
    Christine Ouellette

    Its everything else hanging in the bathroom. Im happy to use the toilet let alone linger long enough to read the many policies posted.

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