Bronco Products Announces the New and Revolutionary Perco-Later

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE, NC – Bronco Products, Inc. announces the recent FDA UL approved and patented Perco-later Percocet recovery device.  The Perco-later is a revolutionary new device that allows oxycodone to be extracted from urine thereby eliminating the need for repeated Percocet refills and unnecessary trips to the ED or your doctor.  The Perco-later also eliminates illegal “doctor and hospital shopping.”

perco-laterUrine drug testing has become a customary mainstay of employers, law enforcement, and the court systems and is estimated to waste as much as 10,000 gallons of high-potency narcotic-rich urine each month in the United States alone.

Additionally, drug seekers are arrested and prosecuted by the scores each day consequently clogging court systems and jails nationwide.  Bronco Products researchers and engineers have cleverly developed a legal, clean, and efficient method by which to recapture the oxycodone from urine and recycle it into an oral tablet while in the privacy of your own home or workplace! 

Research suggests that the Perco-later recovery device will outpace revenues from home meth labs in a few short weeks.  Now, Percocet users who take the customary dose of 2-3 10 mg tablets every 6 hours can extract the equivalent of 10 oxycontin tablets from their urine each day.

The Perco-later boasts an amazing 90% recovery coefficient if used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  In other words, it returns the equivalent of nine oxycontin tablets from every ten Percocets inhaled, injected, or ingested.  This results in savings of $200-400 per month depending on your location.  Law enforcement agencies and drug testing sites laud the Perco-later as it affords them additional revenue which can be used to influence their politicians to strengthen current drug laws.  Bob Barnette, a local officer with the Wane County Sheriff’s department states, “With all the drug testing samples we collect for the court system, we can recover as much as $50,000 each month.” 

The Perco-later recovery device is simple and easy to use.  A series of opioid selective semi-permeable membranes along with the patented “piller distiller” quickly and economically separates oxycodone from urine and can be used on any hot plate, stove, or gas burner.  The Perco-later also extracts and discards the unwanted APAP component in Percocet making it hepatic friendly.

There is an available low-wattage heating element that can be purchased separately and plugs in to any household outlet allowing operation in any room in the home, office, or business.  Those who don’t take Percocet can also enjoy the benefits and revenue from the Perco-later by simply collecting urine from their neighbors and co-workers suffering from chronic back pain, dentalgia, or fibromyalgia.  Note: remotely collected urine must be refrigerated until distilled.

In the box: 1 Perco-later recovery device, cleaning brush, 6 oz. bottle of environmentally friendly Perco-pure cleaning solution, and instruction manual.  Perco-later plug in adapter sold separately, please specify part PA24518 with order.  View the incredibly low price by clicking “Add to Basket” for online sales.  Perco-later is guaranteed by the manufacturer for one year under normal use.

The Perco-later is now available online and will soon be in drug stores and pharmacies in time for the holiday gift season.  Percosnacks make excellent gifts! 

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    Alicia Pasley Ross


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    Emily Pierskalla

    Is there any word from the company on developing a similar device for those on that medication that starts with a D? Dilapid? Dilla-maud?

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    So we actually had somebody contact us to buy this device

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    Bill Moore

    Well if they can distill estrogen (premarin) from pregnant horse piss, why can’t oxycodone be distilled from percocet piss?

  • Avatar
    Cindy Sepaugh Hewitt

    somebody is going to try to order this!

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    Rochel Goldman Levy

    Naftali Levy read this !!!

  • Avatar
    Robin Fahringer Mitchell Machajewski

    Very responsible. “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!”

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    Mark Eccles

    A test of the content of the urine would be a good indicator how the body is metabolizing the drug./ If the person is on the drug. Reason for a drug prescription refusal. DNRTA.

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    Karen Michelle


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    Kelly Gianesin

    Idk if this is such a good idea…we could lose up to 50% of our ER patients:/

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    Jennifer Wooten

    Georgia Wooten

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    Stuart Damon


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    Elizabeth Svoboda

    Gross, but we all know people who would use it.

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