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Josie Rose RN has been a practicing nurse and healthcare investigative reporter for decades. She is intimately familiar with every aspect of the business of healthcare. Nurse Rose is your trusted source for medical truth and justice. If you are a physician, healthcare administrator, or supervisor, and engage in questionable activities, Nurse Rose will sniff you out and hunt you down like Florence Nightingale’s biting dog “Cap” to expose the truth.

Emotional Support Animals in the Hospital Setting

Emotional support animals are well known and documented among hospitalized patients. Up until now, ...

ticks as phlebotomist

Ticks to Assist Phlebotomists With Patients Who Are Tough IV Sticks

There are many examples of animal helpers in healthcare. Examples range from assistance dogs ...

estrogen toxicity

Estrogen Toxicity Spectrum Disorder

A recent study by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has identified ...

narcan fentanyl nipple

Narconipple Implant Helps Add Opioids to Breastfeeding

SEATTLE, WA – Narconipple Inc. is pleased to introduce its revolutionary patented product, the ...

hospital specials

Emergency Department Offers Daily Specials: Revenue Skyrocketing

RALEIGH, NC – The competitive and creative business of healthcare and medical treatment has ...


Nomega Approved by FDA

RESEARCH TRIANGLE, NC – Smyth Pharmaceuticals proudly announces the release of its new medication ...

food service

Hospital Stops Serving Food

MORGANTOWN, NC – North Carolina Christian Medical Center (NCCMC) in northwestern NC proudly announces landmark ...


Recto-Retriever Approved for Personal Use

COLUMBIA, SC – Proctologic Inc. announces the release of its new product, the Recto-Retriever. ...

nurses getting awards

Plastic Trophy Nursing Awards Given in North Carolina

RALEIGH, NC – North Carolina has the proud distinction of being the first state ...

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