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CHARLOTTE, NC – Bronco Products, Inc. is pleased to announce its revolutionary new ventilation product.  PapPal is an amazingly simple device that allows those on mechanical ventilation, CPAP, BiPAP, or any oxygen delivery device to simultaneously and safely enjoy the delights and satisfactions of cigarette smoking.

No need to have nicotine withdrawal in the hospital anymore

Recent Press Ganey scores reflect dissatisfaction among hospitalized smokers for not being able to light up ad lib.  Additional hospital wide bans on tobacco have further fueled this outrage.  One prominent medical center in western North Carolina received numerous patient complaints regarding the prohibition of tobacco in its facility with the emerging theme of, “My COPD ain’t got nothin to do with smoking.”  Other cancer and pulmonary patients echo similar complaints.

The problem has been how to allow patients with ventilator and mechanical assistance to safely and efficiently smoke whenever desired.  The patented PapPal easily solves these problems with an efficient and safe venturi jet turbulator adapter which snaps directly into supply tubing of ventilators, CPAP, BiPAP, and virtually any oxygen delivery system (universal tubing and cigar adapters included).

Bronco Products engineers and researchers report superior smoke uptake when used on any oxygen delivery system utilizing PEEP, however PapPal delivers “remarkable” amounts of smoke with even a simple nasal cannula, according to Dr. John Perkins, a local pulmonologist.  Efficiency of the PapPal has been quantified and verified in clinical trials by increased serum carboxyhemoglobin levels as well as increased patient satisfaction levels via HCAHPS surveys.  PapPal may also be safely used on incentive spirometers with an optional adapter (not included).

Safety is always a concern when smoking in the presence of oxygen.  And, although oxygen itself is not flammable, it is a high-energy gas that rapidly supports combustion.  Bronco Products, Inc. has solved the problem of spontaneous ignition and explosion when used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The patented venturi turbulator uses the actual oxygen pressure of the delivery device to inject a steady stream of rich tobacco smoke into the oxygenated supply tubing thereby never allowing the flame to come in contact with oxygen enhanced mixture.  The makers of PapPal also include a handy laminated chart to estimate cigarette burn time according to PEEP settings and oxygen flow in liters per minute.

The remarkably efficient PapPal is available from most respiratory supply companies and all American tobacco companies without a prescription for home use.  Many hospitals are now allowing patients to bring their own PapPal to use while hospitalized.

Tell your health care provider, surgeon, and hospitalist you just won’t be bullied by smoking cessation, bad-tasting nicotine replacement candies, or messy patches.  Most insurance companies offer reimbursement for PapPal as it is a much cheaper alternative to Chantix or nicotine replacement adjuncts.  Also, Broncho Products has applied for FDA approval using other smoking materials such as marijuana in those 23 U.S. states allowing its use.

Get your reasonably priced PapPal now and be prepared for your next hospital visit!

  • 59.9K
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