ST. LOUIS, MO – Mandy Tremboll, a suburbanite fighter for justice with absolutely no situational awareness, had the audacity to fill out a comment card after her “very disappointing” 4.5 hour experience in the ED at Holy Mercy Hospital.

woman with common cold
“I let that ED have it on that comment card!”

The “outraged” patient with a stuffy nose “waited for an unacceptable duration of time” to be seen.  The ED staff was busy treating multiple patients’ life-threatening conditions while this insufferable patient waited “in an uncomfortable waiting room chair near an obvious stain on the floor.”

Tremboll, who is a living martyr in her own mind, “suffered unnecessarily in the cold waiting room” with a runny nose and intermittent dry cough.  Dr. Henry Jackson, a graduate of St. Louis Medical Center and an “extremely rude physician” saw the awful whining patient and explained to her that her symptoms would improve with time and “gave NO antibiotics or pain prescriptions,” but did recommend Motrin and Robitussin.

The craven witch Tremboll stated that “only strong medicine and antibiotics” work for her and the doctor “obviously had no knowledge, compassion, or experience.”

“Even worse, that nurse never got the water I asked for!” wrote the terrible excuse for a human.  Tremboll was referring to Alfred Wright, an “obviously undertrained” ER nurse of 10 years experience who forgot about getting the little wench her water while he was administering chest compression to the coding patient in bed 4.

“Clearly no one ever sat down with the nurses and doctors at this ED and trained them that the customer is ALWAYS right and that compassion is important in the medical field.  They should ALL be fired!” stated the miserable woman who was somehow able to get off the road to Calvary long enough to fill out every line on the comment card.  “I will NEVER come to this ED again for ANY reason!”

Sarah Sobol, an ER nurse in charge of reviewing the department’s comment cards, rolled her eyes and muttered a prayer of thanks after reading that final line.  Pay for the employees on duty that night was also docked 5% by administrators.