Hospital Debuts Combination Clinic/Pharmacy Drive-Thru

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RALEIGH, NC – A brand new healthcare system opened in Raleigh last week, as Atlantic Healthcare System (AHS) unveiled its state-of-the-art drive-thru clinic/pharmacy to rave reviews from consumers.  Atlantic Health calls Clinimax “The Future of American Medicine,” and it effectively takes virtual medicine to the next level.

19161311_mAHS refers to Clinimax as a “clinimacy,” a clinic and pharmacy combination.  Timothy Anderson, CEO of AHS, described the process of his new business in a recent interview.

“After the recent boom in telemedicine, we learned that about 99% of patients using a virtual visit received a prescription for an antibiotic or narcotic/sedative.  After logging off, they then needed to go pick up the medication at the pharmacy where it was called in.  Almost all of these patients used the pharmacy drive-thru once they got there.  The natural next step was to combine the clinic and pharmacy, while never making the patient get out of their car.”

Clinimax uses two separate queues – the driver of each vehicle selects either the “Antibiotic Lane” or the “Narcotic/Sedative Lane.”  At the kiosk of the Antibiotic Lane, the customer enters their symptoms, and the algorithm does its best to pinpoint a specific body system as the cause.

Anderson continued: “An antibiotic which best covers pathogens in that specific system is selected, so that the approximately 10% of patients who do need antibacterial coverage are appropriately treated.  The other 90% who don’t need an antibiotic are dispensed one anyway, in exactly the same fashion as telemedicine patients.”

“The Narcotic/Sedative Lane kiosk is even simpler.  The patient merely orders whichever opiate or benzodiazepine he/she would like, selects how many tablets (limit 200), and runs their credit card.  Both lanes will scan patients’ insurance cards and store the information in the computer for future visits.”

Regarding who signs the prescription, Anderson stated: “The prescription is signed by the on-site nurse practitioner or physician assistant, the medicine is filled by a pharmacist on the fly with a new policy of “close enough” for counting, and the patient then drives to the next window to pick it up.  At no point is any patient inconvenienced to get out of their vehicle for an exam.  It’s elegant simplicity in action.  Patients want convenience, and at Clinimax, that is exactly what they get.  American patients know what they need to feel better, so we give it to them quickly and let them get on with their day.”

When asked if there are actual physicians present at Clinimax, Anderson went on to explain that North Carolina law still requires a physician to be present to oversee the clinical practice.  “Since a doctor has to be on-site during business hours, we put them on the street out in front of the building as a sign spinner.  It’s a win-win for everyone involved. You would be amazed at how quickly some of our docs can spin those signs.”

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  • Casca

    With or without zofran ?

  • Casca

    Idiocracy !

  • Casca

    I’ve always thought that a drive-thru, cash only, Dilaudid window would be a cash cow….

  • Christina Payne

    Haha! That’s too funny! We defs should!

  • Caroline Herron

    Christina Payne we should go into business together

  • Jennifer Christian Moeller

    Highest patient satisfaction scores of any department….

  • Viet Barnes Do

    The Drive Thru Colonoscopy is going to be a bit messy.

  • Kelley Hughes Reep

    Just let us call in a self diagnosis and give us the medicine we want

  • Helen le Vann

    Walmart announced this week that they are planning to employ NP’s in in-store clinics and introduce $4 office visits to go with their $4 drug list. This is the future!

  • Rocco Arcieri

    Of course do fast food
    But would also include car wash, dry cleaning, brew thru, flu shot, tax prep, SAT prep, mani-pedi, oil change, rotate tires, check car seat and da Vinci assisted organ removal.

  • Ellen Deffenbaugh

    And will you be planning Disney movie tie-ins with gifts for the kids?

  • Steve Allmand

    Don’t forget the large diet Coke.

  • Alan Dillard

    I foresee issues!

  • Dave Lovell

    All it needs now is a big plastic clown with a speaker in its belly where you can place your order! “I’ll have the #7 Percocet Happy Meal with extra Dilaudid on the side, please”.

  • Gomerblog


  • Susan Thompson-Dancer

    That would be more face to face time than the Dr. visits people do via Skype to get their antibiotics that the rest of us wont hand out!

  • Geoff Wilson

    Sign spinner or sandwich board”will work for non medicare/medicaid patients “

  • Stuart Damon

    Only if you can get a Big Mac and Supersize Fries dispensed will this ever fly.

  • Michelle Kayras Evans

    This should cover all the visits for “I need a note for work/school”

  • Kathryn Sowinski

    Todd Chesney is this next for the Minute clinic??

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