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New Product Release: Pediatric Power Chair for Morbidly Obese Children

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WHITE PLAINS, NY – In a shrewd but brilliant marketing move last week, Hoveranywhere announced plans to sell thousands of “smaller-sized” pediatric power chairs.

childhood obesityThe chairs are modeled after the adult Hoveraround, but will come in three scaled down sizes and eight different colors to accommodate the rapidly-expanding population of morbidly obese kids.

John Rossman, CEO of Hoveraround, was reached by GomerBlog for comments.  “If it is socially acceptable for obese but able-bodied adults to avoid walking and instead ride a motorized wheelchair, then why shouldn’t the same practice be acceptable for obese children?” he reasoned.

“Walking should be a thing of the past.  Why should us humans continue walking like our cave man ancestors, when we have the capability to travel in comfort?”

The chairs will retail for about $3500.  Each chair comes equipped with a 16″ LCD monitor, Bose surround sound speakers, WiFi capability, a bin for storage of deep-fried carbohydrate snacks, a cooler for calorie-dense beverages, a toilet, an X-Box, disability paperwork, and a lifetime exercise excuse.

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    Susan Garvey

    Read “Worth the Weight” by Eileen Palma.

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    Greg Eck
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    Robin Fahringer Mitchell Machajewski

    LMAO!!!! Ah, yet again you tread awfully close to the line between truth and satire, Gomerblog!

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    Lori Raffaelli Jokela

    Maybe they can outfit them with chains for the snow

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    Marcia Peters Martin

    Lori! Lol!!!

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    Gina Tufo

    Beth Nelsen

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    Beth Waguespack Mays

    This post actually had a pop up ad for a motorized chair! Haa Haa Haa !!!!

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    Anton Furman

    Leo Reap

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    Betsy O’Herron Tolbert

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