Run-4-the-Cure 5k Fun Run, 3 Runners Shy of Cure

ATLANTA, GA – The 23rd annual “Race-4-the-Cure Fun Run & Walk” released a statement Monday: “Our annual Fun Run & Walk fell 3 runners short of our goal this year.  No cure will be found and the labs will be closed.  We thank all that participated.”

Meanwhile the Smith family of was stuck in traffic.
Meanwhile the Smith family was stuck in traffic

The entry fee was $35.  This came with a free T-shirt and a coupon for 10% off to Performance First Footwear, a local shoe store.  The T-shirt cost $13 to make leaving $22 to go directly to research for the cure.  Unfortunately the $66 that organizers fell short was the exact amount to run the electricity for the final centrifuge.

“We had the cure, we just needed to spin it down to finalize it,” Dr. Lennordi, head researcher, told reporters.  “We fell short of our goal because we couldn’t pay the price of our bill, and now humanity will pay the ultimate price.”

Experts are hopeful that next year they will be able to raise enough money to start up the lab again, along with the money to interview, vet, hire another team of scientists, and finally buy all the equipment.

“It’s really too bad we have to start from scratch every year.”