New Smartphone App + Selfie Stick Allows Patients to Take Own X-Rays at Home

CUPERTINO, CA – The telemedicine boom is poised to become an explosion, as a new app allows smartphone users to take their own x-rays with the aid of a “selfie stick.”  The images can then be sent to a virtual physician for viewing and interpretation, who can subsequently prescribe the desired narcotic, antibiotic, or both, depending on the patient’s wishes.

The app, called “iNside Pics,” retails for $200 and converts the smartphone to a miniature and portable X-ray machine.  Each photo exposes the user to approximately 50 millirems of radiation, and after the proper image is obtained, it is converted into a high-resolution file which can be sent as a digital attachment.

The app allows the patient to include clinical correlation, as long as the phrase includes a hashtag and is less than 50 characters.  Some sample clinical correlation phrases patients have used so far include: #singletrack, #blackdiamond, #collarbone, #yolo, #bronchitissucks, #holdmybeer, #watchthis, #powderdayfail, and #toomuchfever.

On average, it took patients sixteen tries to get a typical 3-view ankle series using the new app, which equates to nearly the same radiation as an abdominal CT.  Reportedly, a specialized helical-spinning selfie stick to convert smartphones into handheld CT scanners is in the works.