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Alternate Phrases for “This is a Very Pleasant…”

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doctor on computer

It’s not uncommon to start a history of present illness (HPI), assessment, or discharge summary with the following phrase: This is a very pleasant… and then go on to say 30-year-old male, 54-year-old female, etc.  In fact, we use the phrase so much that we’ve diluted it’s meaning.  Next time, consider using one of the following alternate phrases to more accurately describe your patient:

This is not a very pleasant…
This is a really terrible…
This sinfully awful…
This uncannily noncompliant
This suspiciously cooperative…
This is a rare, totally normal…
This sweet little but extremely vulgar
This ridiculously ticklish
This heroic, dare I say legendary…
This wonderfully symmetric
This is an awe-inspiring…
This absolutely hilarious…
This is an infinitely constipated
This is a lying, malingering
This is a batsh*t crazy
This is a m**therf**king…
This kinda sketch…
This incredibly inappropriate…
This is a really boring…
This is an impressively unimpressive…
This multi-drug resistant…
This left-footed
This is a morose, Eeyore-like
This is the world’s most entitled…
This is a hysterically flatulent
This is a mentally prolapsed…
This is an annoyingly talkative…
This neverending bounce-back is a…
This is an obnoxiously loud…
This is a fantastically gullible…
This is a very touchy-feely…
This is an omnipotent
This is an impotent…
This is a Klingon-speaking…
This is a sexy but mysterious…
This is an evil…
This platinum-status frequent-flyer is a…
This is a show-stopping…
This is a clutch…
This is a spandex-wearing…
This is a water-repellent…
This is a sturdy but flexible…
Once upon a time, there was a…
Our story’s protagonist is a…
This heartwarming tale starts with our…
My arch nemesis is a…
So why should you care about a…
I hope you never have to meet this…
Sigh, sit down and let me tell you about this…

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  • Avatar
    Lorena Wood

    Platinum status frequent flyer….aaaaahahahaha!!!

  • Avatar
    Rebecca Danforth

    Rachael McGinley Bracke. This is a batshit crazy … Equals your life.

  • Avatar

    Alex Krob

  • Avatar
    Rene Rose

    Mandi Meyen

  • Avatar
    Liza Em

    “She is a hooker.” No joke. Or another was “..this lady was seen by myself in the office whilst under the influence of that which she shalt not imbibe…” …whatever THAT was.

  • Avatar
    Ryan Ritchie

    Haven Ritchie

  • Avatar
    Noreen Weber

    “This 34 year old gentleman, not given to very penetrating thought….” I read this as a student nurse 30 something years ago in a patient’s admission note by a neurosurg resident. The patient was a nice guy. The resident, on the other hand…..

  • Avatar
    Kerry Stone

    Ovella Clement

  • Avatar
    Laura Haskovec

    Hehehehe…”never ending bounceback.” Love it!

  • Avatar
    Pat Kenney-Moore

    I’ve always hated this opening phrase-its really just code for “I like this person/ they have decent insurance/ they didn’t give me any trouble” It doesn’t have any clinical relevance and I find it so useless I can’t even enjoy the jokes!

  • Avatar
    Danielle Flaharty

    Alright… Alright! ;)

  • Avatar
    Frank Ay

    Honest truth! And it was in high school after a wrestling injury :-)

  • Avatar
    Danielle Flaharty

    Seriously Frank?!

  • Avatar
    Sarah Joy Hipple-Spence


  • Avatar
    Kathy Kaib Clark

    I see “This dear sweet lovely soul….”

  • Avatar
    Gretchen Thurmond Ross

    “Hysterically flatulent and obviously deaf”….

  • Avatar
    Jessica Kaloustian

    “This kind of sketch…” Is my new fav!!!

  • Avatar
    Deb Brown

    My favourite ” batshit crazy”.

  • Avatar
    Maria Stefos Angott

    My favorite: “This platinum-status frequent-flyer is a…”

  • Avatar
    Scott Henneman

    I never write any of these but read them all the time. Any of these would be awesome.

  • Avatar
    Samantha Atlas

    Gerald Mank

  • Avatar
    Brenda Clauson Coffey

    Love this

  • Avatar
    Monster Mighton

    Roberta Mighton

  • Avatar
    Tad Pedley

    Gretchen Thurmond Ross

  • Avatar
    Kathy Shirey Rawson

    I can always tell when the doctor really doesn’t mean it when he says pleasant. He will sigh right after and I know it will be a interesting report.

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Lee

    Eunice Lee Helen Hwang

  • Avatar
    Caitlin Foxley Siler

    hahaha!!! Platinum status frequent flyer!

  • Avatar
    Gretchen Browne

    Ha! It would make reading consulting notes so much more entertaining :-)

  • Avatar
    Sarah Kohrmann

    Not many alternatives out there, since “this batsh*t crazy patient”, “this stubborn, noncompliant, PIA”, and the like are frowned upon for use regarding those occasional less-than-pleasant patients

  • Avatar
    Nathan N Erica Sneddon

    Ha! This hits close to home. In my assessment I always write “this is a pleasant” or “this is a very pleasant” x year old blah blah blah.

    For the first time EVER I wrote about a patient stating “this is a 45 year old….”

    I just couldn’t lie about that patient.

  • Avatar
    Robin Fahringer Mitchell Machajewski

    “Platinum status frequent flyer” – heehee!

  • Avatar
    Colleen Edgington

    Keeping it real….lol

  • Avatar
    Amy Middlemas Osborne

    Scott Osborne so you

  • Avatar
    Ramona Queeney

    ” This bearded lady…”, ” This DD breasted man””

  • Avatar
    Deb Kogan

    I’m trying to decide which one would be used to describe me….

  • Avatar
    Susan Velez


  • Avatar
    Cami Sharp

    Brianna Vivian

  • Avatar
    Frank Ay

    I saw my MD write “well muscled” about me ! :)

  • Avatar
    Todd Boleman

    Lol- what about ‘well developed well nourished’ – is it more PC to say extremely well developed and nourished rather than obese?

  • Avatar
    Paul Cauchon

    “54yo female well known to me and everyone else in this facility presents once again because her insurance allows it. And she’s bored”

  • Avatar
    Joanie Sapienza


  • Avatar
    Rachel Leah

    i want to know what they write about me!

  • Avatar
    Bobby Lee Johnson

    Rajeev Narayan just keep reading, you’ll know one reference that reminds me of you!

  • Avatar
    Bobby Lee Johnson

    Colin Coor

  • Avatar
    Kym Whiting

    If only!

  • Avatar
    Carena Mishler

    I’ve actually seen, “This is a rather unfortunate….”

  • Avatar
    Matthew Mark Gaines

    Ben Lewis

  • Avatar
    Russell Wilson

    Megan DeLoera, Denise Leistico Casper I think y’all should expand your vocabulary

  • Avatar
    Robert Avram


  • Avatar
    Wayne R. LeClair

    ” This is a very rude….” Ha, ha

  • Avatar
    Heidi Kinsinger

    Wayne R. LeClair

  • Avatar
    Alyssa Schwartz

    Tracey Fedor

  • Avatar
    Ellen Price

    Jess Too funny!

  • Avatar
    Ed Iway

    Edi Berbic lol I dare you do this. Jk

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