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LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA – Morning report got much more interesting this week, as nephrologist David Adams fulfilled the unspoken dreams of internists around the world, as he announced that he found a new serum electrolyte to be measured.

new lab test“We had corrected a patient’s potassium, we had titrated his sodium to a normal range, and his magnesium hadn’t been flagged in days,” said Adams in his press release.  “We were just drawing up his discharge work, when I asked myself, ‘What else could we be correcting?’ and that’s when I acted on instinct, drew one last sample and sent it to the Chemistry Department at our university.”

His instinct was a good one, as the chemistry team did find traces of another electrolyte not routinely measured in hospitals.  And it’s because of that discovery that nephrology-inpatient Tomas Davidson’s serum tungsten level is back to a normal, healthy level.  “I owe [Dr. Adams] my life,” said Davidson.  “I thought I was fine; I eat healthy, I exercise regularly, but then Dr. Adams gave me the news about my tungsten… it was an eye-opener for sure.”

His bloodwork showed that Davidson’s tungsten was nearly 0.02 mmol/L below “comfort zone.”  Dr. Adams and his team wasted no time in supplementing their patient with the hard metal in question, no doubt avoiding catastrophic events.

News of their discovery quickly made its way around the hospital, where internists on every team were quick to tack on serum tungsten levels to their lab requisitions. “It’s incredible,” said one internal medical resident, “you play with fluids and you correct the sodiums and the potassiums, but you always wonder what else is out there… well we don’t have to wonder anymore.”

One senior physician believes this news couldn’t come soon enough, saying that “we may have been missing these cases for years.  I shudder to think how many hypotungstenemias have been overlooked on my watch.”

Dr. Adams hopes that this discovery will serve as a lesson in thoroughness to the internal medicine community.  “I think sometimes we fail to see the whole patient, and that’s when we really lose the art and become robots.”

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  • Dharan Sukumar

    Kingsell would defs love gomerblog.

    And this is all a conspiracy by Big Wolfram

  • David Brown

    Dharan Sukumar, Shannon Fadaee, Kingsell’s serum tungsten makes an appearance.

  • Debbie Isakson

    Something else we’ll have to draw stat!!!!!

  • Casey Lynn

    Simpsons did it!

  • Karin Cartwright

    JeffSporer add some canned tuna and nonorganic spinach and you’re good to go!

  • Karin Cartwright

    Wow…who knew! :D

  • Diane Bockelman

    Going to order that tomorrow….

  • Geneviève Cg


  • Helen Aanstoos

    T-riders? God this site cracks me up!

  • Heather Hinshelwood-Rangel

    Nancy Miller

  • Maija Mauch

    Highley associated with vaccinations!

  • Kelly Mccormack Vassallo

    Nurses everywhere roll their eyes at all the STAT T-riders ordered prior to discharge.

  • Ketaki Abhyankar

    Mary Choe rm 8?

  • Jeff Sporer

    If I used a lead number 2 pencil to make my grocery list which included potentially Mercury exposed fish, then ate said fish with arsenic laced apple juice in a low light vitamin D deficient area would that affect my tungsten levels? If no one knows thats ok, I’ll just ask my provider tomorrow.

  • Nicole Tsandelis Mason

    Must have been a real light bulb moment for this doctor.

  • Jen Kephart

    love this !

  • Melissa Kane Baker

    light therapy protocol to treat might be required

  • Chris Schroeder

    This is common in severe cases of hypoplutoniumemia.

  • Sarah Rushton

    What’s next? Praseodymium? Astatine? Copernicium?

  • Stephen Bailey

    Geeeee. What ever happened to the porcelain level as a key diagnostic test???? What’s the world coming too???? Is this the new porcelain replacement test???

  • Anonymous

    I hope our hospital adds a PO or IV Tungsten protocol to our K, Mg and Phos….oh the extra hours of tedium, i love it!!!

  • Bill Clark

    Mom always said, ” Eat your organic Himalayan tungsten “

  • Dave Comstock

    there’s a homeopathic remedy for that …

  • Ryan William McDonald

    Global warming has depleted our soil of its tungsten levels!

  • Charlene Rowles

    Will an X-ray detect tungsten? Hmm. Serum tungsten level and AP and Lateral views of wherever tungsten is stored!

  • Lillah Grinnell

    Ashley Martella I especially like the allergies one!

  • Steve Balint

    But we all know that a normal tungsten level does not definitively exclude hypotungstenemia…

  • Amanda Walton Basford

    I do believe Dr Oz has been saying this for years…

  • Raquella Hess

    paid for by Big Tungsten™

  • Catherine Sikorski

    Often seen with adrenal fatigue

  • Kelly Ann Bleiweis

    I hear you can improve your Tungsten levels with colloidal Molybdenum

  • Dawn Langley


  • Josh Conroy

    Alex Nesbitt

  • Betsy O’Herron Tolbert

    It’s what the naturopaths have been saying for years.

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