Nomega Approved by FDA

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE, NC – Smyth Pharmaceuticals proudly announces the release of its new medication Nullefficaciter Sodium under the trade name Nomega.  Nomega recently cleared Phase IV of clinical trials and is proven ineffective with no adverse reactions or negative effects.  Nullaefficaciter is a new state of the art medication for the treatment of nothing, making it universally effective for treatment and management of no illness at all.

vitaminsqNomega is classified as an optic isomer or chiral molecule enantiomer which features the “left-handed” composition, or laveus, denoting the  left side of the diastereomer of the monomeric molecular chain.  This unique discovery and development by Smyth assures a positive effect on nothing demonstrating its particular ineffectiveness and relative safety in all clinical trials.

In double-blind placebo studies and meta analysis, Nomega performed nothing flawlessly.  A chi squared analysis suggests Nomega actually did prove the null, setting statistical records for negative performance of efficacy on multiple test groups.

Smyth Pharmaceutical Vice President of research John Bolton states “Nomega is the culmination of years of research and development” and Smith has “spared no expense in meticulously designing and developing this new miracle drug.”  In an age where medication use has exploded and medication adverse effects have skyrocketed, Nomega is in a class all its own.

The simplistic beauty of Nomega is heralded by its inability to treat any illness or disease thereby having no therapeutic, adverse, or allergic components whatsoever.  Don’t be the only one on your block, in your neighborhood, or workplace that doesn’t take a non therapeutic medicine!  Contact your health care provider today and demand your prescription for Nomega and accept no substitute.

Smyth Pharmaceuticals can assist those with financial hardships or inadequate insurance by providing a voucher for the first bottle of Nomega.  Nomega is safe for all age groups, sexes, and religions and is supplied in 5, 10, and 25 mg tablets.  As with any medication, the price is highly variable and inversely proportionate to need and income, and on geographic location and demographic population.

Most providers are refering to Nomega as an OTC Dilaumed.

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    Oh great, another “best supplement ever” I’ll have to remove from my husband’s stash and stealthily file 13. The struggle against Dr Oz continues! ;)

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    Bill Moore


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    Ryan William McDonald

    For my Clap?

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    Debra Madigan

    This is awesome.

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    Dave Comstock

    I’ll take two, please! – oh, and how many do i need to sell to become part of the “inner circle”? I sense a “ground-floor” opportunity!

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    Candy Gehm Carter

    STAT Nomega serum level

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    Ann Scrimshire Veach


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    Elizabeth Rang


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    Kelly Mccormack Vassallo

    Loading dose stat!

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