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Miss Colorado Will Only Accept Apology from “The View” Hosts After They Work a 12-Hour Nursing Shift

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Miss Colorado, Kelly Johnson RN, will only accept an apology from The View hosts, Michelle Collins and Joy Behar after they have worked and survived a 12-hour shift in the ICU as a nurse.

nursing shift
Will they accept?

“I believe the only way for us nurses to know if their apology is sincere is to put them in the hot seat as a nurse in the unit or in whatever ward for that matter,” stated Johnson.  “I challenge them to come and shadow me at Holy Cross Hospital for a 12-hour shift and then we will see what they really think of my ‘Costume’ and ‘Doctor’s Stethoscope.'”

Nurses, including the American Nurses Association (ANA), are rallying behind Johnson and have started a wildly trending hashtag on Twitter: #Nursesunite. already has 23,439 signatures begging for Collins and Behar to work a 12-hour shift at the hospital.

Nurses at Holy Cross are already plotting out the day for the two hosts if they accept the invitation.  For starters, plans include no bathroom breaks, no time to eat, tending to more than 4 sick patients at the same time, charting followed by more charting, placing rectal tube systems, Code Blues, and treating a patient with delirium tremens who ripped their Foley out.

Hopefully there will be a patient coming from the operating room with multiple lines to untangle and immediate hypotension upon arrival at shift change.

Charge nurse Ryan Kimbers said, “We plan to treat them with as much respect as The Joint Commission.  Maybe they will return to their cush jobs at The View with just a tad more respect for what we do as nurses.”

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