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ICD-10 Primer, Lesson 5: WTF Codes

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Now that we’re a few lessons in, you must be wondering the same thing: What about those ICD-10 codes that are ludicrous?  Whereas the first four lessons covered very common and reasonable codes, this lesson will focus on silly codes, also known as the WTF codes.

ICD-10 codesHow did the WTF codes come to be?  Shortly after the completion of ICD-10, the ICD-10 committee decided to stay up late, get drunk – like, amazingly drunk – and challenge themselves to “really think up some crazy stuff.”  Let’s take a peek at some of these.

WTF 000.01 – Accident in, on, around or within a bouncy castle, red, initial encounter
WTF 000.02 – Assaulted by clown at midnight, not in carnival, February occurrence
WTF 000.03 – Tripped on pink piano, Steinway brand, piano not in tune
WTF 000.04 – Killed softly by his song, The Fugees’ cover version
WTF 000.05 – Killed softly by his song, original Roberta Flack version
WTF 000.06 – Injured by runaway testicle, left, undescended
WTF 000.07 – Tickled to death during pajama party, Tuesday night, intentional
WTF 000.08 – Injured sustained during arm-wrestling contest, left foot, sequela
WTF 000.09 – Harassed by Yeti
WTF 000.10 – Bitten by Loch Ness Monster, spring (but not during Easter), first encounter
WTF 000.11 – Captured by pterodactyl, awaiting rescue
WTF 000.12 – Trampled by large mutant kitten, white, fluffy, named Queen Meow
WTF 000.13 – Accident in, on, around house while rooting for favorite sports team during playoff run
WTF 000.14 – Accident in, on, around house while rooting for favorite sports team not during playoff run
WTF 000.15 – Injury to left lateral foot after throwing PS4 controller on floor in frustration (not anger)
WTF 000.16 – Tackled by football player (NFL) dressed in a tutu, preseason
WTF 000.17 – Turned into stone looking at Medusa, unintentional, first encounter
WTF 000.18 – Freak throat injury during intense game of hopscotch, the culprit is number 9
WTF 000.19 – Paroxysmal cough due to accidental inhalation of pigeon feces, stroll through park, Sunday
WTF 000.20 – Trampoline on fire on top of iceberg as the place of occurrence of the external cause
WTF 000.21 – External genitalia caught while zipping pair of pants, jeans (not khakis), profuse bleeding
WTF 000.22 – Nuclear holocaust, no one has survived, but still have to bill, last encounter ever
WTF 000.23 – Struck by Zeus’ lightning bolt, electrocuted but not dead, sequela
WTF 000.24 – Closed fracture of left humerus due to steel cage match with The Undertaker
WTF 000.25 – Injury to self-esteem upon encounter with family member, maternal unit, over breakfast
WTF 000.26 – Laceration of foot, left first toe, when caught in door of time travel machine
WTF 000.27 – Stomach ache from binge-eating ice cream since best friend is a jerk, her name is Mary
WTF 000.28 – Abdominal injury sustained while laughing out loud (LOL), joke was a pun
WTF 000.29 – Urinary incontinence sustained while rolling on floor laughing (ROFL), underwear soaked
WTF 000.30 – Left buttock injury from misaimed dart, bar, first encounter
WTF 000.31 – Asphyxiation due to being trapped in a kangaroo’s pouch, unintentional
WTF 000.32 – Walked into Statue of Liberty
WTF 000.33 – Left wrist injury sustained during wrestling match with long-lost twin
WTF 000.34 – Seizure, generalized tonic-clonic, lasting exactly 33 seconds (not 34 and certainly not 35)
WTF 000.35 – Migraine from toxic exposure to foul-smelling flatus in a closed space (not elevator)
WTF 000.36 – Profuse rectal bleed on Saturday morning due to misuse of a (used) comb
WTF 000.37 – Allergic reaction to feather pen, the feather part (not the pen), mild
WTF 000.38 – Eye pain from rubbing with hot sauce, Frank’s Red Hot, intentional
WTF 000.30 – Hip pain sustained while learning the Macarena, left hip, verse (not chorus)
WTF 000.31 – Misplaced penis
WTF 000.32 – Smoke inhalation from nearby red fire-breathing dragon, accidental
WTF 000.33 – Aspiration from someone else’s vomit, second encounter
WTF 000.34 – Exsanguination due to paper cut, left pinky finger
WTF 000.35 – Food poisoning from hot dog picked up from off the curb, major city (not Manhattan)
WTF 000.36 – Bitten by Decepticon (not Megatron), first encounter
WTF 000.37 – Bitten by Megatron (not Calvin Johnson), first encounter
WTF 000.38 – Abducted by Martian, survived to tell the tale, but rectal probe still present
WTF 000.39 – Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) related to yo-yo, blue
WTF 000.40 – Mocked by chihuahua, sequela
WTF 000.41 – Injury due to tuba assault, left nipple
WTF 000.42 – Fractured face from irresponsible use of a hammock
WTF 000.43 – Aspermia due to atomic wedgie, tighty whities (not boxers), subsequent encounter
WTF 000.44 – Whiplash while riding on the back of a skateboarding beluga, partly cloudy day
WTF 000.45 – Fall in (into) bucket of Cheetos causing embarrassment, not the first time
WTF 000.46 – Accident to, on or involving Picasso painting
WTF 000.47 – Headache from trauma due to falling cartoon Acme anvil
WTF 000.48 – Intracranial bleed due to blunt trauma from pillow (without pillow cover)
WTF 000.49 – Wormhole into alternate dimension as the place of occurrence of the external cause
WTF 000.50 – Fall due to collision between polkadot cheetah and extraterrestrial, initial encounter

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